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But a Dream?

Long dissolved, night shrinks my essence from the corners of this dream. Silver shadows wafting o’er the room, she comes. Stilled upon my bedside, I chill in fear and dread. “Will she see me?” I dare to hope as she drifts near. Silver-blue adoring eyes speak volumes of youth and love so yearned. Smiling, she turns, mocking my breathless frailty in jest, beckoning me forward with following whisps of fingers. Pulled, I drift, succumbed by yearning of a broken heart, propelled across the room, adrift. Gossamer hands reach to her, mine. In the tender gray, I swim undisturbed, longing yet again to touch the one I lost, the one I love. Is it but a dream?

Written for dVerse Poetry Prosery Monday, where a short piece of prose is written to include specific lines of a selected poet’s poem. Today’s challenge was to incorporate a line from “In Sullivan County” by Celia Dropkin (5-Dec-1887 – 18-Aug-1956)


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