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Christmas Snow

Today, in winter’s first day glory,
I’ve walked ‘neath frozen giants, gold,
held to sun in morning’s story
with midnight’s snow and breezes cold.

By brook in babbling, thawing chorus,
amidst the chirp of Christmas birds,
we pause in awe at sights before us
and listen still for nature’s words.

Through golden grass, o’er muddy field,
a thin and broken Christmas snow
shines bright with morning sun and warming,
dazzling heaven in sparkled show.

My dog and I rest in deepest
woods, at frozen creek bed’s bend,
sit and listen throughout the morning,
that to our spirits this heaven lend
the peace of understanding,
the truth in balance witnessed here.
For us, this soul felt Christmas gift
recalls the blessings brought this year.

Merry Christmas…

J. Blue and Homer (the dog)

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Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men

Crystal white in starlight’s gaze that peaks between the falling snow,
whispers sweet a Christmas song, upon a rhythm deep and slow…
It gathers in the spirit, resounds within the soul,
builds to bring a chorus strong of peace in phrases sweet and whole…
of peace on earth, good will toward men.

It forms upon the children’s faces, rosy nosed and smiling bright.
It comes with every passerby that quietly shies delight.
It falls from heaven in silence. It gathers round a fire and friends.
It sings a hushing hallelujah and to us all it sends…
Peace on earth, good will toward men.

But can it be that peace is gone when hope seems far and hatred strong?
Can it be that God is dead when peace of men has gathered dread?

But oh! The bells of Christmas ring, Oh! The chorus still does sing!
Within the hearts of every man when to this blessed season stand
and count the truth that God does live! Count the blessings that we give,
when to the children we take hands, when to our hatred turn to stand
and hear that whispered song start low, feel the choir around us grow!
When to our better angels lend and through our gentle spirits mend…
this peace on earth, good will toward men.

(inspired by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – Christmas Bells)


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This Greying Fade

Time defies this truth of mind.
Days fall past, cascading.
Wine once sipped lifetimes ago
resounds in spirit’s fading.

What of this aging truth?
Aging hands grasp tight the pen,
far beyond their prime, it seems,
yet in strength, defend.

Every day demands a look.
Poignant lights in present time
reach beyond eternal,
call to form the lay, the rhyme.

The grave, in sparkled grace,
enrapt by hope of time beyond,
draws an evened aging eye,
draws a gaze forever long.

The end is never seen.
Days fall past, cascading.
Echoes of the ether pull us
to the tide of dreams there waiting.

Eternal soul, eternal love,
eternal pauses held in peace,
grant this greying fade return
when passed beyond release.



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There’s a Song

There’s a song in the heart of my lover
that stems the wake of crashing truth,
that holds my soul suspended
here upon a glimpse of youth.

There’s a truth in the laud of her sweetness,
that holds my child between the days,
that keeps my raging spirit calm
within her soft and kindest gaze.

There’s a love in the eye of my truest,
that speaks to me in volumes sung,
that dreams the moments’ dreams with me,
that holds this world in sum
of all we know in each other,
of all we ever hope to be,
of what we know when all else fails…
‘tis here our hearts desire to be.


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Soldier’s Prayer

In honor of 7-December 1941 and all of the young men and women who gave of themselves and sacrificed so much to protect our freedom, I wanted to re-share this post from 2012 for all of you.

Please take a moment to pay tribute….

Jay Blue


In the Field –

I’ve joined the fight to do what’s right
in aid of land and liberty.
I’ve stood my soul from head to toe
to fight as men who’re free,
Through mountains insurmountable
and trials that no man should know,
I hold my creed to do what’s right
that through it all this truth will show –

“God bless the loved ones of my home,
relieve their worry and their fear.
Grant them peace in knowing
that we fight as free men here.

Protect my brothers beside me,
bless their step that they’ll not fall.
Grant compassion’s wisdom,
that they’ll do right when anger calls.

Find me in your vision,
grant me strength when I’m alone.
Guide my hand with wisdom
that I may carry truth back home.

Forgive injustice when it’s played,
grant me strength to forgive in same,
that if You call for me here,

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WWII – in memorial

Once upon a battlefield
I stood where heroes fell,
where brothers, sons and lovers paused
to hear death’s tolling knell.

Once upon an open sea
I sailed where deep remain
the bodies of courageous men
who, by war were sadly slain.

Once upon the azure blue
I drifted through the crimson cloud
where valiant fighters dealt with death
to die alone in sullen shroud.

I’ve felt the moments summoned.
I’ve seen the grave despair.
I’ve witnessed every breath so gained
and every soul laid bare.

I’ve shed a tear not meant for me,
but for the uncaressed
that ne’er again felt warmth of love
before their final rest.

To their souls my prayer,
my honor and my truth,
that they be blessed eternal,
and blessed in memory’s youth!


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Along the frozen lane I walk between bare fields just kissed by ice.
December’s first in dawning sparks this grey to life reflecting twice
the leaden sky, the frozen blades of summer, still.
The crack of amber low and long igniting gold across the hill.

Echoes of November’s snow sit heaped within each fence post’s lee,
hidden from the hushing wind but caught in dawn’s sweet reverie
that calls a haunt of diamond light to stand and glimmer true,
that pulls a hope from autumn’s mist now long beyond this season’s view.

The barn to which I make my way sets warmth upon my bones in knowing
that sheep and cows, horses, pigs will gladly greet my face in showing
gratitude toward morn’s sweet light, peace that day has come,
hope in that the grains I feed will bless this cold December some.

So December greets the year,
I and mine in turn, the same,
open doors to gaining light,
echoing the year’s last claim…

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