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Faithful Follower


Smile deep and dimples showing,
he is my dog, my best friend true…
In leaps and bounds twixt autumn’s grasses,
his honesty and love shows through!

At pond’s edge reeds he steps and nuzzles,
looking for a scent to chase,
then up again with tail a waggin’
brings life’s true smile upon my face.

He waits beside me, never falters,
while fingers write and smoke drifts on…
My faithful follower, my true companion,
he brings the harmony to this October song.

And now that cigar is burning fingers,
I’ll turn to him with anxious eyes,
“where now” his thoughtful smile will answer,
towards home we’ll walk, ‘neath autumn’s sky.

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I Love You Everywhere

With you, my love, my world’s complete
when in my arms you rest your head
upon my shoulder, your fragrant hair against my cheek,
through moments where love’s need not said,
but experienced in this blissful touch,
where hearts beat close and hands speak much
of the tenderness I desire for you.

And as I hold you close and quiet,
I know I’ll love you for all time,
for you have quelled the senseless riot,
that in my heart once held me blind
to the truth of such sweet love.

Protect and hold you, I always will,
in quiet peace or noisy day,
for you, my heart does always thrill
to sense your touch or hear you say,
“I love you”.

With you I’ll spend eternity,
that I may hold you close, and feel
the sweetness of our love’s deep truth,
and through all time let our hearts reel
in what this love with us will share.
It’s you I love with all I am,
and you I do love everywhere.

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Along this wooded path I’ve seen
a gift from God, in forest, serene
in balance within the moment
regardless of the season…
Through every day’s recursive stride
I walk to find where nature hides
the budding secret of life’s true reason,
and so in, hear the thoughts of God…

Chickadees by pond’s edge veldt,
in balance, and in flurry
fast, to drying stalks of grass,
retrieve the seasons seed and hurry
home, or on to next good purpose…
Geese, in autumn’s heart, collecting
souls in congregation,
bless the cool gray waters still,
relieve the pensive hesitation,
paint silent lines upon its surface…

Quiet tho’, the patterns here
seem mutely odd to passerby,
‘tis where life’s balance shows its will,
resolves the question to ask God why…
for the answers all about us…
in reeds now turning loose from womb,
in autumn’s quiet encroaching tomb,
in silent woods birds call lament,
life’s truth in answer around us sent…
no need for why, just trust…

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In between the spaces
of moment’s task and purpose rent,
there my silence carries forth
intentions of my life thus spent.

There the wave recalled in part,
of sitting in a silent heart,
there in quiet attention find
the peace of purpose I know is mine.

So I strive to honor such
in meditation’s moment paused –
learn to give in every breath,
judge not and learn from nature’s laws
which show the truth in present’s mending,
no malice known, yet open, rending
ebb and flow in all that matters,
adjunct to soul and cosmic batter,
of which all life’s instilled.
Yet we, as men, still have free will

To soul’s sweet purpose, thus we strive –
balance such against the living
days in which our bodies wrought,
a spirit’s experience, yet sometimes caught,
and there’s our lesson’s giving.

That truth and love is what we lend,
when to our special purpose tend
our thoughts and kindness in honest tow,
therein reveal our spirit, show
the life we’re meant to live,
when to our silence trust we give…

Amongst the ether, there show our heart,
one in all, all in part…

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England 1941 (Veteran’s Day Tribute)

England 1941

By pond’s still quiet,
November found
‘neath blackened trees
and leaves of brown,
that chime through winds,
season’s decay
rustle the drying grasses to say
or whisper their seed tossed song.
Where prayer is heard
in sweetest words,
bless offspring’s journey,
brave, yet long…

Reeds, by pond’s edge, do blush
with naked stalks and seeds that flush
this breeze with passers by.
Where clouds of grey and white on blue
hang low, and brooding up the view
soften this season’s sigh…

Now above my head a thunder rises,
behind a cloud on blue, surprises
peace with a warring sound.
Two birds of war, in roaring chase,
bend wing on wing around the face
of the grey insipidous cloud.
There turn and twist by engine’s roar,
dive and stretch to fight for one more
breath, or one more shroud…

These two alone in November’s sky
bring anxious thoughts that recall why
I’m sitting here
amidst this November’s season.
Where God’s inspired this nature’s reason,
so disturbed by mankind’s cry
to peace and conquest, home and faith,
for loved one’s whose lives we face
this terror from the sky.
Where wisps of clouds become our means
to face the birds of war in seams
where their anger waits and hides.

These two on wooded edge, now slowly
chase, evade, and roar past lowly
dancing o’er the distant shore.
Yellow blasts and glints of sun
as black unfurls and spirals run
above to yonder clouds.
Where now the victor soars to heights
while in defeat and smoke the fight
twists slowly at the horizon,
and ends in forest’s shroud.

Tomorrow, I may be so blessed,
to rise to clouds of height and best
the anger of this season.
My bird and I pray for reason
to see us through.
There seek another autumn’s day,
and in it offer thanks and pray
my soul comes back to you.

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Bells of War

Clouds of war
loom to the east,
reflecting sun’s horizon
of deepest setting’s,
rose and peach.
Be it blood tomorrow,
or garden’s rising?

Surreal, the silence of this dusk,
hangs on the clouds of night’s foreboding,
clings its matter to my mind,
start memories’ work, noting
the tortured gray
of seasons past,
where men lie dead
in fields of grass,
while clouds of cannon smoke hang sighing,
weep to their young spent souls,
and beckon fast their rising.

In clamor, fall the hoof-steps
of wagons hearsed and calling
to stack the flesh, and there return
these bodies, to the bawling
eyes and hearts of loves
whose secret fear’s now summoned,
and in the wake of dead, leave tears
in sorrowed river’s running.

In distant air the sounds are heard
that confound the very reason
of men entrenched, and fighting still
beyond this deathfield’s treason.
The dogs of war, beyond it all,
hounds in chase, instinctual service
draw the hoofs and wagons on,
to serve this warring’s purpose.

In setting sun of future days,
our hearts will cry a humble phrase
that war is waste and serves just death.
And so regret the scornful ways
when tempest reigned our judgment’s tack,
in retrospect we’d like it back
and return our loved ones whole.
When regret is ours, and lessons learned
have etched the living soul,
we’ll know war serves not our purpose,
for life and love’s our role…
Yet today, the bells of war do toll.

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Desert’s Truth

Spirit’s heart at horizon’s length,
‘neath azure skies that strike the sound
of echoed desert silence,
does rise in rhythm, call in strength
to speak no lies and bless the ground
with feet so drummed, no violence.

Expanse of land and eagle’s call,
draws canyon’s echo above, below,
so still the morning air –
plunge to valley’s depth in fall,
feather swept in roll to show
the fabric of all living there.

Yet great expanse, by nature’s hand,
grounds the very soul of me –
blends me insignificant,
yet carries tall the truth I see.
This balance here, all I’ve sought.

This fabric found in passion’s tones,
bleaching red and grey in sum,
culling canyon’s echoed heart
and where imaginations run,
so in holds this lesson taught –

“We stand amidst these finer things
of nature’s truth and simple love.
We, but moment’s beating heart
to draw it in and rise above.
We, in soulful duty and
in balance of this nature’s law.
We, by granted stewardship
must echo truth here gathered, all!
So live each moment’s truth
in balance and in honesty
of what this desert gives as proof
and what we know of ‘we’!”


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