But a Dream?

Long dissolved, night shrinks my essence from the corners of this dream. Silver shadows wafting o’er the room, she comes. Stilled upon my bedside, I chill in fear and dread. “Will she see me?” I dare to hope as she drifts near. Silver-blue adoring eyes speak volumes of youth and love so yearned. Smiling, she turns, mocking my breathless frailty in jest, beckoning me forward with following whisps of fingers. Pulled, I drift, succumbed by yearning of a broken heart, propelled across the room, adrift. Gossamer hands reach to her, mine. In the tender gray, I swim undisturbed, longing yet again to touch the one I lost, the one I love. Is it but a dream?

Written for dVerse Poetry Prosery Monday, where a short piece of prose is written to include specific lines of a selected poet’s poem. Today’s challenge was to incorporate a line from “In Sullivan County” by Celia Dropkin (5-Dec-1887 – 18-Aug-1956)


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17 responses to “But a Dream?

  1. Jay, love the title. It feels like a dream within a dream. I do know that sometimes the only way one can be reunited with a lost love is in dreams. It’s not real, but it’s real enough when compared to nothing 😦 Good use of the prompt line!

    • Thank you. I haven’t put pen to paper, so to speak, in over 4 years. For some reason, the line that you chose hit me right in the heart. Thanks for that. I’ve limited my writing over the past 4 years, for some unknown reason, to technical analysis and engineering concepts. Thought I had ran out of inspiration. 🙂 Guess not. Thanks

      • Jay, your sharing what you did here makes my day. The whole purpose of the poets pub prompts are to inspire wordsmiths to share their creative sparks with each other. Hope now that the muse’s inertia has been moved it will continue. My pleasure.

  2. This was enchanting all the way through! I felt weightless too.

  3. This is dreamlike from beginning to end, and I wondered who was the dreamer and whom the dreamed.

  4. Mesmerizing! I love how you worked the line into this surreal scene! 👏👏

  5. Lovely. I wonder, too, if it’s a dream.

  6. Nice to see you… hope to see you around more. Love the story and I do think that being reunited with a loved one is one reason to dream

    • Thanks Bjorn. I haven’t written creatively since 2018. Not sure why, but have spent my ink on technological papers, innovation, and such. Really needed this and the one line chosen hit me. Hope to stick around. Thanks. Hope all is well with you.

  7. A very dream-like quality to this piece 🙂

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