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This quiet now enrobes me.
This peace I’ve so longed for, real.
To this moment my aching bones and tired heart reveal
the very soul of me, the body of an aging man,
the thoughts that always linger near,
that only now, in silence, can
the heart of who I am, address
the needs that rise within my soul.
Now, with peace and quietude,
through breath and patience, I let go…

Questions, purpose, tasks at hand…
I know there’s much that I must give
to fulfill their journey’s purpose,
to balance spirit, life, and live!

But quandary overcomes me,
when pressed by doings of the day,
so do I seek this solitude,
so try to find my way
to let this path unfold to me,
open up in simple steps,
by which my life can simply take,
through which my soul can let
the journey find its purpose,
in ease and knowing truth’s revealed…
So, this is why I sit here
and draw upon all that I feel.

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Thin line formed by those who know,
attracting those who know,
giving of their very core
to help the mass that doesn’t know…

Deep within the core of we,
a fabric bathed in soul,
that looks toward horizon,
that stands to lead where few will go.

Heavy burden carried quiet,
not a thought of “why” it’s done,
yet granted love in living’s moment
to lift and calm the worried sum.

At core, in every fiber,
we know it in our hearts,
this calling so belongs to us,
to lead and gather up the parts
of that which falls around us,
be it soul or act or wind,
that so upon this living field
we guide the hearts of men.

In twos we find each other,
in pairs we balance what we know
of what we’ve learned in life as one,
and what alone as two we show.

Balance, counter-balance,
by twos we change the world,
strength to ebb and recover strength,
in twos can such a power unfurl.

Saving lives through action,
mending lives through words,
calming spirits through simple glances,
till every ache and ailment cured.

As two who know the calling,
bathed in soulful fabric, shared –
the strength of both may burden one
when one is without its living pair.
Yet strong the stitch and weave endures
and pulls to balance, centered again,
that strength of two will right itself,
their fabric such, will always mend…
that not Newton’s motion or outside force
so worked upon in any sense
can undo the core of one or two,
but Newton, such to two will bend…

It’s in you and you know it.
You feel your strength in every day.
You feel the universe unfold and roll
at your feet as if to say,
“I’m here for you and all you are
and all you hope to be,
is mine to give at your request
for the core of you is me.
You lead for you’re beloved,
and love’s your strongest gift,
that when you’re two with soul as one,
no grief or burden can’t you lift.”

Believe the simple truth you know,
you’ve always known its strength.
Lead by what is best in you
till that’s all that’s left, at length.


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