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On Angel’s Wing

Suspended in a dream adrift,
tensioned gossamer wings have I,
in cloud and sunburst flux I shift,
held above beholding eye.

Roaring motive power drones
to silent whisper’s sweetest kiss,
hushed in mansion’s morning sum,
aloft the clouds in drunken bliss.

Seraphim, the farrier
by which my steed is shod,
for here there is no barrier
to joyous grin and thankful nod.

In roll and dive – “alive”
becomes a paltry exclamation,
when screaming “free!” is what I feel,
so fuels that acclamation!

In bending will, I balance here
twixt heaven and earth in flight,
solely bound to duty,
yet soar as angel amidst the fight.

Through golden glint and rays of hope,
my wings and I aloft partake
defense of homeland’s truth and honor,
balanced here for freedom’s sake.

Wings I’ve earned from warrior’s test
to take my battles to the sky,
proudly pinned upon my chest
as courage badged to fight and fly!

My love of hearth and home holds dear,
for each moment’s test is blessed in love,
that good shall conquer tyranny,
and free men shall rise above!

On Angel’s wings I fight it here!

(in honor and memory of all those that have served)

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Dare to stand between the lines
of metered meaning rhyme,
that space between the pen and page,
in infinitesimal time
where image conjured draws a slow
distortion through the space to think,
and forms another angled truth
before the page is wet with ink.

Dare to chance the rhythm’d flash
that grows in instant, yet’s quickly passed
to roll beyond the comma’s stay,
there bend the meaning of every lay.

Dare to let subconscious reign
when guided by a sweet refrain,
leave the moment fading fast
where each pen stroke might change the cast
of what you really want to say,
of what you thought so purposed,
so spent in dancing pen at play
brings only soul to surface.

Dare to watch the pen ignite
its personality won,
you think you writer, but that’s not quite
what happens when the pen stroke’s done.

Dare to set emotion free
through meditative spirit,
guide what’s written but let it be,
that as it’s written, heart it!

Dare to synch your worldly thoughts
with living ink and pen,
don’t think, don’t count or hesitate
just let the ether in.

Dare to open window frames
and push your head beyond,
listen in the whispers there
and let the page take such ink on.

Dare to write what comes to you,
what flows through ink to page –
find immutable spirit there,
and free it from its cage!


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The Palisades – Napa Valley, California

On the eastern side of Napa Valley, is an odd area of volcanic rock. The hike through Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is quite beautiful, and a bit challenging, but well worth the effort. Many interesting sights along the way, including an area of magical rock mazes and intrigue.















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Castello di Amorosa – Napa Valley, California

The incredible castle of Castello di Amorosa Winery and Vineyard in Napa Valley – all of the materials were hand hewn and assembled. Quite a castle indeed!!



















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Napa Valley

Napa Valley – May 2013 – beautiful days







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Where Were You?

a poet’s epitaph to his muse

Where were you when silence fell
across the vale of season’s sunlit spring,
as hush of thrush was heard no more,
no life left burgeoning?

Where were you when “timeless” caught
its final thought to treasure and to hold,
and stood the wood in echoed ring,
still and haunting, cold?

Where were you when seaside crash
returned its thrash to waves left in the calm,
as foam and loam receded, quiet,
reducing shore to balm?

Where were you when down this path
my foot stepped lath was left to aging dust,
as rhyme and time reclaimed from me
and laid my words to trust?

Where were you when final breath
drawn just at death, was given back to earth,
released in peace to wander home,
rejoicing in new birth?

Where were you? There by my side
and could not hide as sorrow came to you.
My love, above this moment know
that I will always love you!

Where were you when Palm of love
returned His dove to grace your window sill?
With me! With me! And longing heart
for I am with you still!

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Poet’s Muse

Long road spent between these pages,
life and worries, true love and rages
that fill the vacant lines with scenes,
reality based or wakening dreams…

‘Tis still the stuff of spirit’s life
when to this human form is shaped,
blessing’s miles, confounded strife,
be hero kind or villain caped.

For India in thanks and bows,
to fill the blotter with blackened tonic,
that by the quill and madman’s dreaming
twist the common to most ironic.

But bliss is this sweet expression lain,
when to myself and God explain
the content, part and parcel thought
and so by dreams in verse are wrought.

Be thankful, lazy wandering poet,
for published yes or naught, will know it
when days have waned to breaths in counting,
waiting for the last breath’s mounting,
that life fulfills this spirit’s dreams,
draws lessons from the daily scenes
of family, son’s and daughter’s trials,
to be charmed by quill and ink in vials.

So to the passerby may seem,
revelation in genius, or madman’s scheme.
Be heart at pouring tear and love,
be politically driven, remove the gloves
and belch and scream of disrepair…

But neither one, nor all of these,
enchants this poet or dress’ to please
as much as what his muse can bring,
when by her love and kiss doth spring
his heart and soul in flesh and care…
my pen and ink, words on lines –
belong to her – from her – I swear!


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