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Heart’s Red Leaves

Red along the pond’s edge path,
reflections stolen, frozen fast
in glass, in trance against this sky –

Contrast white on blue –

Polished chrome, no stone
disturbs the water –

Heart’s blood leaves
in quaking, heave
a whispered drift to set a subtle wrinkle,
throws the blue on white to stand,
calls me, takes my hand
as golden drops in feathered flight

All sight is here and for, around me.

Echo still the silent rill
by will of hills
so scaped to cut the knee high grass –
tumble silent to pond below
slow, and show the truth of what I know.

This moment’s gate surrounds me.

I unleashed in metaphor
imbibe in tide of temporal flux,
the crux of just what is,
or gone.

Alone or one, unknown.

Yet summed in seconds dreamed,
redeemed in holy solitude.
The sky, the wood,
where heart’s leaves stood
to dance and so entrance me.

Dream be mine, of life or death,
and yet I can’t recall
how tall I stand or stall
on feet to greet unworldly wonder –

Soft thunder welcomes aging ties,
belies the moments temporal –
leaves a hold,
draws warmth from cold.

Heart and blood so vernal,
autumnal, eternal –

In quiet grace, I face this whole,
my soul embraced, my heart’s blood full.

Herein peace be mine –
of what I am,
what I’ve been through,
eternal blocks of time –

all of me, this rhyme.

Chucks Tree3DSCF1077DSC_5738YardFlowersJune050026red_white_tulip

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Eternal Walls I’ll Climb

In ancient times I’ve held you,
I’ve traveled far, upon the sea or over fields of green,
to return to you from conquests vast,
as viking, knight, and warrior seen.

I’ve traveled through millennia
to right the wrongs of an endless love,
that’s been tragic, lost, removed too young,
yet no distance quells this love.

Neither time, nor earthly displacement
can conquer this kindling fire,
for ours, the very words were written
of a passion and desire
that others mimic Shakespearean,
or prose there crafted on a moonlit night,
for ours, the fabric through all time
to lovers lost or tragic, have bathed in such a light!

Our story lived throughout our lives,
in every historic setting,
has found us here, in each other’s arms,
without a thought’s regretting,
for our story must be told!

For you my love eternal,
eternal walls I’ll climb,
to find you and to love you,
this love is ours, sublime!

Eternally yours…

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Steel gray stare,
slunk into the second pew from front,
cold gray skin, gray coat too,
collapsed in disbelief, full slump.

Painful hush of vaulted ceiling,
a breathing, heaving soundless rhythm
silenced by creaking of old pews seeking
another passion gestured hymn.

Golden glow of ancient woods,
framed square to arch kept heights
bathed in shapes of cornice,
hold thereby, chapel ceiling lights

that fold white beams of reflected sun,
break shades of burgundy and amber,
where brilliant smile of brass and gold
defines a humble servant’s candor,

relaxes heart when pains are sold
or drawn toward the highest bitter…
so cry a stale and stupored gray,
to warm a lifetime’s winter.

If there within, such peace be found
where gray despondent days can mend
a frozen soul’s indentured fate,
then rebuild the strength to live again.
chapel d
chapel b
chapel e

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Wyoming Winter Approaching

Milk white sky, foreboding black
looms low, such clouds near mountains rise,
at valley’s edge, these jagged giants
relent to being swallowed whole,
by winter’s snowbound skies.

Where from my lonely perch
atop this valley island mesa,
feel winter’s bite upon the wind,
as errant snowflake passes,
and gives rise to thoughts
of silent nights near fire, hearth and love,
while deep in winter’s thick of it,
snows rage on howls above.

Yet, first courting, this approaching kiss,
of winter’s sweet relenting,
that softly draws a blanket
o’er these sage brush plains, contending
the season’s silent change…

I, in deliberate witness, thus,
watch storm roll out with stealth and hush,
so befriend the valley whiter,
there beckon winds an edge to carry,
in frozen kiss, approach the wary
life that stirs before her…

As the gale blusters forth
and silence holds the white approaching,
my dog and I turn from the north,
descend toward home, with nature’s coaching,
painting winter on its way…

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I have a voice, it’s mine I know,
distinct to me and for no other,
yet similar tones to mine are shared,
from my father to my brothers.
Yet, my voice in daily trappings
folds, through pitch relaxed or hard at work,
so bends its tone from strength to stress,
and there, behind my true voice lurks
with my heart, and’s rarely seen.

And as my heart, in truest passion,
exudes itself from me, to share
the values I hold close,
to bestow with loving care
upon the ones I so inspire,
or who inspire me,
my voice, does too, exude its truth
when released by heart, its tones to sing.

There within the timbre rings
the truthful tones of who I am,
and how my purpose crafted,
for unique in song
my voice is drawn,
through such, my soul is drafted
into the mix of heartfelt tones,
my diaphragm thus reaching,
to share my soul in spirited voice,
through cambered heights of preaching
strong the craft of God,
in soul felt song,
and there bestow
a voice that’s more of who I am,
and what my soul should show.

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At times I stand in driest wonder,
reflect my emptied echo, vast,
toward rings of smoke left in yesterday,
through ghosts of aging questions, past…
Nothing comes, there, in return,
as if absorbed by temporal thieves.
Yet I look and listen with great intent…
just the slightest stir, fractal’d relief…
Yet dry the distance remains.

I know the shapes in shadows there,
jagged corners my fault has lain,
removed the hope of kind return
by edifice, and scream proclaimed
to sap all sweet intention,
to fold all open hearts to close.
Yet still, I look in wonder, listen
hard for slightest echoed throws…
My edgy calling marked insane.

So I turn to face the light
of tomorrow’s hopeful sun.
Nothing known of the road ahead,
yet such is where my truth must run.
With deep regret and welling eye,
reach back to close the door on past,
yet cannot help to whisper,
one more echo there to cast…
“I have loved you truly,
forever will you hold a part
of all that is known good in me,
you’re here eternal, in my heart…
I miss you…”

As the door progresses,
to close its steely threshold down,
in creeks and moans of hinges motions,
my breaking heart fears, not a sound
Into the light of a new road’s hope,
I know, at times my soul must cope
with whispers where an echo played,
for in tomorrow’s winds reflection
might come, “ I miss you…”,
might come a stray
and simple sounding of what my past had been,
and in it you, with memories kind…
lost love and dearest friend…


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