Life, the term, so disconnected
yet so connected – unreal –
hung in abstract arrangement,
time and blood or so surreal –
Beyond these moments of flesh and bone,
beyond the here and now perceived,
life is rent of living souls
and how the spiritual journey’s conceived.

Six billion plus so fast en masse
that only a boundaries’ few can count
the days by which their journey’s stood
in nature’s balanced mount.
Few there are to turn the tide,
few to bring enlightened minds,
few touch few and so it grows,
but by populations fall behind
and there the number dwindles
of those set out to teach
a proof of “spiritual life in living,
of God we’re one in fabric” truth –

And so the lessons whisper
behind a din of cackling lives
whose egos shout above the souls and spirit’s
lessons of what is God and what is life.

There’s something here for me to say,
few words to press by pen and lay
that in some instant real and heard
will make a difference, show a way
and therein hush the clamored din,
so all may pause and look within,
so few who know the path to soul
can link them all to spirit’s role
till nature’s whisper’s heard,
and so in change the fate of “life”
to abide by truth and God’s sweet word…

Some role is mine to play –
Where will the motivation come,
how will the pen to paper stay
the points so needed to raise the eyes,
the moment flux to realize,
how will the word be spread,
how will the truth engage those heads?

I pray, but do not know,
my open mind and open heart
must be steadfast to what must flow
and free my soul to fly –
there not impede it’s path, must I,
but read the cairns so purposefully placed,
take each step in conscious grace,
in present thought and truth’s decision
allow the future, grant the vision
and do my part as deemed,
for this is what my soul feels
and what my purpose seems –

but I am what I am –
I hope that it’s enough!

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