The Courtyard Ghosts – Part Two – From Parapet Window

Part two of “The Courtyard Ghosts” has been written from the perspective of our lady love, reflecting…

The Courtyard Ghosts
Part Two
From Parapet Window

I know not how the morning came,
to greet my day, defenses down,
where prideful steed, purposed horse,
brought gentle smile on soulful course
to gaze upon my window –

Witnessed spring in daffodils,
midst blossom’s rush and songbird’s rill
my cheek and heart engaged to blush.
But what of this moment then?
When from his horse he let me in…

Yet I in no loveful longing,
still rushed on spirit’s open wing
as if no love I’d ever seen
and he my one, belonging
to my heart’s secret past,
knew all of me and my desire,
within my heart the ripples cast –
thus I could not forget.

My longing so betrayed my state
of home and family and this life’s fate,
that I could never reach for him.
Yet every morning, there I’d sit,
at courtyard window’s parapet,
to see the smile and loving nod,
thus acknowledging this secret love,
so in kindle this desire –
relentless, yet in-actionable.

So the seasons came and went,
before one word was ever spent,
no touch, no kiss, no ravaged throes…
and I in hesitation –
And so the courtyard trees did grow,
with harvest’s reaping by spring’s hand sewn,
the window cornice stained by rain
and years of aging left in vain
to memories’ sole recall.

Until I now – in feeble age,
no longer rise again to gaze
upon the courtyard, there below.
And in my heart I know,
that I have loved, yet touched you not,
your eyes and smile and nod have taught
my soul the truest meaning,
that love is love, lest regret,
my heart stirs hard from this parapet,
and joyous has the longing been.
For pain in missing our love’s chance
was supplanted by a smile and glance,
and then a nod goodbye –

farewell my love, goodbye…

for this her last recount,
to silent room and window’s light,
as knowing soon her soul, in flight,
will gaze there nevermore.

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One response to “The Courtyard Ghosts – Part Two – From Parapet Window

  1. glo blue

    My love, both parts l & ll were beautiful. You are my true love & my favorite poet. Thank you for sharing your gift. I love you.

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