Turn a Stone

Heaven on Earth

I turned a stone,
You were there.
Whispered wings of geese above
carried Your voice to where
I stand in deepest wild,
bathed in forest fragrance.
All around I feel You,
and see Your kindest dance,
in critter small or bird alike,
whose play and purpose blend,
thus display their balance in light of day
and to this heaven Your sparkle lend.

I’ve watched the forest growth in seasons
where changes made seemed magic,
and now in winter’s middle drift,
the seeds of such, on storms, float free, not tragic
in the wind here blown,
yet once again Your heaven shown,
in season’s cycles, such life is known.

I reach deep into the breathing such,
where winter’s day and season turn
the perception of this cold bleak scene,
into blessings where Your heart is learned
and woven in this fabric.
Here I find my peace
and in it smile,
that You have blessed
this witness, while
the day goes on around me.
Yet seek, I shall, tho’ here I’ve found
the blessing that is Thee.
This heaven on earth does comfort me.

In nature’s deepest secret folds,
I’ve found Your sacred knowledge,
and with each bud or blossom grows
my heart’s desire, my soul’s indulgence
of what I feel You’ve meant,
by splitting wood or turning stones
to find You always there.
For in nature’s grasp
and balance keen,
it’s You, throughout this daily scene,
who keeps my heart,
casts free its care…
I turned a stone,
You were there.


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9 responses to “Turn a Stone

  1. IJ

    Absolutely breathtaking love it…..

  2. Really nice. I like your language and I like the photos.

  3. Sheri Koetsier

    I really like this one Jay!!! It is fabulous!

    • Thanks Sheri. It’s on of my favorites as well. I have published s book of poetry under the same title. I’d be glad to send you a copy… How are those wonderful kiddos anyway? School and all and 1st grade for the three! Must be a busy time. Thanks for reaching out! Jay

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