Along This Path and Forest Floor

Cirque above Emmaline Lake – Colorado Autumn

Deep in forest’s isolation,
this path I walk, my own.
Scattered light through autumn’s trees
reflecting gold in daylight’s warm.
Here, midst introspection’s calling,
my dreams take shape, my truths come home.

Twixt wooded slumber’s deepened musk,
the path in sun, dry and driving thus,
this autumn’s wind unites
the surreal of silence with living light,
brings a soul to wish for woods,
in season’s darkening fold.
Yet as the cooling shadows surround,
silent necessity grasps a hold,
therein listens closely…

Through the aspen’s rustling leaves,
whitened noise in hushed tones heaves,
brings a stirring soul to sigh…
There, surprise in unsought treasure,
a mountain spring in rushes,
sings of perches high in glory,
where leaps and bounds in daylight’s brilliance,
repeats its passing journey’s story…

In subtle stirs midst pine and brush,
a fearless doe in speckled blush
picks and paws at forest floor,
waits, to kindly hear my story,
passing by, yet gently more
she gives in trust and welcome,
let my heart and spirit fly.
Her trust is kindness giving
all my soul has come here for…
moments dwelt, my reason why,
along this path and forest floor…

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One response to “Along This Path and Forest Floor

  1. glo blue

    My love your words take me to our special place. So beautiful. Thank you. I love you.

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