The One Less Traveled By

Here, within this yellow wood,
my road, the one less traveled by,
has seen a life where love has stood
in shadowed forest and by my side,
has sparkled deep, through shade of tree
and cast a smile in front of me.

At times the path was lonely,
where darkness seemed to lend
a fear to the ‘morrow’s waking,
yet, at times it came as friend,
whose shadow cooled, bestowed a trust,
where comfort’s found in deep wood’s musk.

Tho’ this journey’s tried my spirit,
the deepest love of life I’ve gained,
as every trial’s eventual end
rewards with cooling summer’s rain,
thereby my very senses thrilled,
these histories’ pages, sweetly filled.

Today, this road has risen high
to alpine glen and meadow,
where seasons rich and heaven’s nigh
bring peace of knowing, mellow
thoughts, for fears once lessons taught,
thus grant a strength of spirit true,
life’s diploma, herein wrought.

Tomorrow, then, in alpine glen,
my love will so abound,
to kiss, in bliss, my muse’s lips,
in love we both have found,
hand in hand, our past departing,
for today, our journey’s only starting.

 (inspired by Robert Frost)


Filed under Nature, Photography, Poetry, True Love

2 responses to “The One Less Traveled By

  1. Lovely prose and beautiful photo.

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