Old Books

Spines aligned across the wall,
titles pressed as great names call
to mix my mind within…

Some of fiction, some of fact,
some that capture heroic acts,
and some to just dwell in…

The musk of age is held in those
whose dogears came from those who chose
to feel each written line…

That when I read again each page,
the now’s removed and so my age
draws even with the time…

When hands since passed and eyes long dry
embraced the words as now do I,
through written word return to life
and share with me in kind…


Filed under Memory, Photography, Poetry

3 responses to “Old Books

  1. IJ

    U know I love books…this is a wonderful way of putting it into perspective. Good job!

  2. Well done! I love the pictures too. Reminds me of stepping into a store full of old books, and having that delicious “old book” smell wash over me. Heaven!

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