Grey Wolf (in honor of “Journey”)

Homer – kin to Journey

Contrast frozen to the whitened meadow,
below timber line his grey coat seen,
eyes reflecting a sparkled hollow,
holding the distance past life had been.

Cold contrast, the frozen winds engulf him,
through squinted eye, coerced towards woods
where tall his lonely path before him,
enrobes his heart in sadness’ mood.

The past a sacred cry for love,
his future, dark woods’ quiet hope,
where chance regains the love of family,
yet aches for young whose loss he copes…

Long last look across the meadow,
from forest’s edge and winter’s white,
casts a silent soulful prayer
for those behind, for those whose plight
will be kept in God’s own guarding.

Then turn and squint against the wind,
toward forest’s deep, his path begins,
and carries hope and faith upon,
that his life’s loves, he’ll know again.

The woods in deepened silence,
protected from the winter’s howl,
allows his heart to open,
beneath the reverent conifer boughs.

Here his heart finds earnest keeping
within the arms of green and grey.
Wounds in healing reflect the years,
where now forgiveness finds its way

to keep the scar as souvenir,
yet release the pain once bound,
and so, in time, his soul in heaping
of such blessing, allow his truth resound.

Through the woods is echoed,
an added tone in nature’s chorus,
sings of one whose life is found,
and now stands true before us.

Between the grey and green are seen
the eyes of one whose heart is knowing,
that inward must all truths be found
before knowledge gained, is what is showing.

And as this balance and trust be known,
extraordinary gifts from God are sent,
there open hearts in deep woods’ clearing,
and days in future sun be spent.

For amongst the deepened woods’ protection
are meadows sacred and bathed in sun,
where all is found revered and silent,
a kiss from God that sings and runs

amidst the truth of knowing,
that heaven on earth is heaven indeed.
That here, protected in the open,
is where His smile adds form to seed,

that is blessed in greater motion,
is constant with this knowledged purpose,
for lives begin and end here,
entreating truth below the surface…

In this clearing another grey
and knowing heart is seen,
with eyes of love, trust and caring,
her focus across the meadow, keen

to know his heart, to feel his truth,
as if to speak a silent proof,
“I am here for you…”

In this moment of burgeoning kinship,
recalled the path that has led him here,
in faith and knowing, there are no questions,
just echoes’ comfort he now holds dear.

Thus know his path to alpine meadow
has been his path all along,
and as he stands within her shadow,
God’s light and love are echoed strong.

The rest is what we’ve come to know,
when in the forest wolf pairs be seen.
Our respect is instant, for what they show
is truth in love, and life’s sweet scheme,

that resounds the thoughts of God as knowledge,
that place trust in paths our lives are on.
That we too, may echo, as wolves,
the truth of knowing our sacred song…

link to Journey’s story


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2 responses to “Grey Wolf (in honor of “Journey”)

  1. wolves are beautiful creatures!

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