At times I stand in driest wonder,
reflect my emptied echo, vast,
toward rings of smoke left in yesterday,
through ghosts of aging questions, past…
Nothing comes, there, in return,
as if absorbed by temporal thieves.
Yet I look and listen with great intent…
just the slightest stir, fractal’d relief…
Yet dry the distance remains.

I know the shapes in shadows there,
jagged corners my fault has lain,
removed the hope of kind return
by edifice, and scream proclaimed
to sap all sweet intention,
to fold all open hearts to close.
Yet still, I look in wonder, listen
hard for slightest echoed throws…
My edgy calling marked insane.

So I turn to face the light
of tomorrow’s hopeful sun.
Nothing known of the road ahead,
yet such is where my truth must run.
With deep regret and welling eye,
reach back to close the door on past,
yet cannot help to whisper,
one more echo there to cast…
“I have loved you truly,
forever will you hold a part
of all that is known good in me,
you’re here eternal, in my heart…
I miss you…”

As the door progresses,
to close its steely threshold down,
in creeks and moans of hinges motions,
my breaking heart fears, not a sound
Into the light of a new road’s hope,
I know, at times my soul must cope
with whispers where an echo played,
for in tomorrow’s winds reflection
might come, “ I miss you…”,
might come a stray
and simple sounding of what my past had been,
and in it you, with memories kind…
lost love and dearest friend…


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2 responses to “Echo

  1. IJ

    Very nice….haunting feeling within

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