Wyoming Winter Approaching

Milk white sky, foreboding black
looms low, such clouds near mountains rise,
at valley’s edge, these jagged giants
relent to being swallowed whole,
by winter’s snowbound skies.

Where from my lonely perch
atop this valley island mesa,
feel winter’s bite upon the wind,
as errant snowflake passes,
and gives rise to thoughts
of silent nights near fire, hearth and love,
while deep in winter’s thick of it,
snows rage on howls above.

Yet, first courting, this approaching kiss,
of winter’s sweet relenting,
that softly draws a blanket
o’er these sage brush plains, contending
the season’s silent change…

I, in deliberate witness, thus,
watch storm roll out with stealth and hush,
so befriend the valley whiter,
there beckon winds an edge to carry,
in frozen kiss, approach the wary
life that stirs before her…

As the gale blusters forth
and silence holds the white approaching,
my dog and I turn from the north,
descend toward home, with nature’s coaching,
painting winter on its way…

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