This quiet now enrobes me.
This peace I’ve so longed for, real.
To this moment my aching bones and tired heart reveal
the very soul of me, the body of an aging man,
the thoughts that always linger near,
that only now, in silence, can
the heart of who I am, address
the needs that rise within my soul.
Now, with peace and quietude,
through breath and patience, I let go…

Questions, purpose, tasks at hand…
I know there’s much that I must give
to fulfill their journey’s purpose,
to balance spirit, life, and live!

But quandary overcomes me,
when pressed by doings of the day,
so do I seek this solitude,
so try to find my way
to let this path unfold to me,
open up in simple steps,
by which my life can simply take,
through which my soul can let
the journey find its purpose,
in ease and knowing truth’s revealed…
So, this is why I sit here
and draw upon all that I feel.

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Filed under Poetry, Universal Soul

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