Iron Bridge


Studded stark and juxtaposed to nature’s feint surroundings –
Rusted red through overthrows of paint’s defense and season’s houndings –

Frame on frame, let math be done! Infinitum so resolved,
echoes man in progress steeped until all progress has dissolved –

Yet bridge, it may, from here to there, cross time or distance or conquest’s gap,
it echoes pure impurity! Steadfast and placed in nature’s lap,
whose lowering sun and softened rays bathe the structure whimsical,
pronounces lines Pythagoras’ ways, distorts to art the physical!

That now, in golden sun, this path resolves in mystery
across a labyrinth web of light, may unfold my very history –
Here stretched to infinitum –
Here begged by sun, do angles lie –
Each step dissolves a minimum,
which I transcend through, by and by…

‘Tis but a bridge…
… and just the sun …

Yet moments mixed in witness there pull seams where I, and both, do run…




Filed under Nature, Perpective, Photography, Poetry

4 responses to “Iron Bridge

  1. Genie

    I like the style this poem was written in. It lends itself to the bridge in a magical way. Transcends the ordinary too and takes one back in time, the bridge, photo and poem, and yet it brings the reader into the now also.
    Well penned.

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