Where Were You?

a poet’s epitaph to his muse

Where were you when silence fell
across the vale of season’s sunlit spring,
as hush of thrush was heard no more,
no life left burgeoning?

Where were you when “timeless” caught
its final thought to treasure and to hold,
and stood the wood in echoed ring,
still and haunting, cold?

Where were you when seaside crash
returned its thrash to waves left in the calm,
as foam and loam receded, quiet,
reducing shore to balm?

Where were you when down this path
my foot stepped lath was left to aging dust,
as rhyme and time reclaimed from me
and laid my words to trust?

Where were you when final breath
drawn just at death, was given back to earth,
released in peace to wander home,
rejoicing in new birth?

Where were you? There by my side
and could not hide as sorrow came to you.
My love, above this moment know
that I will always love you!

Where were you when Palm of love
returned His dove to grace your window sill?
With me! With me! And longing heart
for I am with you still!

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One response to “Where Were You?

  1. glo blue

    I will always be by your side my love and I will always be holding your hand. I love you so. Thank you for the way you love me!

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