September Rain

September rain in tepid dance
blessed to light on summer’s earth,
beckons season’s darkened green to
whisper death or call to birth.

Impassioned tender notes in falling
stroke “sensuous” in every chord,
as gently sings the rain in chorus
speaking love without a word.

This cooling dance, so much to gain,
granted autumn’s shy first blush,
relieved in subtle drops of rain
draws summer’s quiet sweetest hush.

In transit, life at season’s edge
is shaped in green and golden hues,
colored deep in heavy sky,
claimed in silent greys and blues.

Amber rays peak long and low
across the tender countryside,
held to rails in shimmered glow,
graced through gentle hills I ride

Silvered low and rolling mists
fold the raindrop’s dew to run
across my perfect pictured view,
there bring the scene to perfect sum.

Too soon to station platform left
alone in autumn’s gentle letting,
holds me fast in shelter’s lea
that if I leave might grant regretting
September’s rain and summer’s grief
in show before my eyes.
So a simple seat I find
to wait for some reprise…

Soon I’ll start the path to home,
soon I’ll turn away,
with season’s grateful heart my own,
September’s rain this summer’s day.


Filed under Nature, Perspective, Poetry

2 responses to “September Rain

  1. A silloloquy of beat and rapping song

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