The Parting

A single star on edge of night grants a tender blush to snow
that flits above a granite spire,
caught in dance ‘neath full moon’s fire,
enrapt by starlight’s dance and flow.

A tender love for deepest winter spawns a ray of fire light
that graces full the midnight sky
in brilliant arcs of short lived sighs
and colored wakes of blue and white.

Polar lights court the single star’s ambition toward the north,
so pulses bright in trepidation,
pulls the wind’s anticipation
in dancing snowflakes spiral worth.

This simple star, this hallowed night, atop the snow caked mountain,
holds the blossomed heaven’s smile,
blessed in frozen winter’s wile
that burns the heavens white in fountains.

Lo, the east grows rosy red, burgeoning morning’s call.
This single star drifts to the west
holding midnight winter’s best
and to the mountain appears to fall.

Old Sol in true love reaches forth with kindness toward this one
that reaches back in glimmers
through timeless snow flake shimmers
and blows a winter’s kiss to sun.

One last stretch across the heavens pulls a brilliant arc of light
that lends the evening’s dance to day,
mends the mountain’s cry to play
and sparkles deep for morning’s light.

Through subtle warmth in rising and all that morning keeps,
it’s sadness in this golden charting
that points to two true loves in parting
above the snow blown mountain steeps.

Inspired by the musical composition “The Parting”, by Michael Hoppe


Filed under Mountains, Nature, Perspective, Poetry, True Love, Universal Soul

12 responses to “The Parting

  1. Beautifully written, it is so harmonious that it could easily be song. Love it.

  2. This was absolutely amazing. I was completely enchanted by your words. Stunningly beautiful. Reowr!

  3. What a marvellous piece.
    I was listening to

    as I was reading it.
    You try it.

    • Thank you! I like the Jon Lord piece. Very nice. It’s always unique inspiration to listen to a piece of music, with a calm mind, and then see what images come to you… and then try to express it in words alone. Challenging, but fun!! Thanks for reading!

  4. Certainly a beautiful ballad and gripping, these should be published Jay~ Faithfully Debbie

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