Aspen Fold

the road that beckons...

the road that beckons…

When still the summer’s air is held
and road swept dust breathes dry and fair,
when sweet the colored fall’s elixir stands
the musk to focus there
upon the change of season…

‘Tis in the alpine’s aspen folds
where mountain’s heart and nature’s soul
reveal a seam where moments hold
a secret path and reason,
as to “why” your heart is beckoned forth
to lead the path on endless course,
“why” you can’t resist the steps
that pull you toward the shadowed bend,
“why” you thrill in falling leaves
and golden light brought back again.

Drunken steps by autumn’s call
bring childish glee and fear that stalls
the moment for unknowns,
but strikes a chord of going home
when ‘round the bend the lea unfolds
beneath the mountain’s distant stance –
that there on meadow’s edge you dance
without a thought of time…

Yet still the yearning beckons on
as through the field the path lays long
and narrow –
Draws you to the forest edge
where jumping creek and hush are heard,
‘neath rustling gold and kind jay-bird –
to precipice and mountain’s ledge!

… then as you flush in hesitation… it’s there…

across the valley’s whispered song
an honest spark of soul sings on
and thrills you to the marrow!
… and with your soul entwines,
returns the truth you long to find,
graces calm your weary mind
so grants you not a care…

So should it be your soul is called,
or by September’s drive you find
that sweetest gentle winding road
that exits from the corner’s blind…
There be sure you wander wholly
to where your heart is stirred,
and find your simple nature solely
in autumn’s musk and aspen’s word…



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22 responses to “Aspen Fold

  1. sweet! love the autumn. great share

  2. i like how you combine the playful beauty of autumn with the embedded decay as well…reminding us of our own going home one day…

  3. beautiful….autumn is one of my fav times for walks nad hikes…the cooler crisp air and the beauty…oh i feel that call for sure…but i think your close goes even beyond that….

  4. hisfirefly

    you took me there, I heard the crunch, smelled the blend of both living and dying, great write!

  5. Enjoyed this it made feel like going for a walk to enjoy the view..beautiful picture.

  6. “strikes a chord of going home”…ah, yes. I grew up in Colorado and heard the aspens’ word. Thanks for taking me back there for autumn 🙂

  7. What a beautiful landscape and such evocative words – you make me want to go out for a walk immediately (I am lucky to live in an equally wonderful place).

  8. “There be sure you wander wholly
    to where your heart is stirred,
    and find your simple nature solely
    in autumn’s musk and aspen’s word…”
    beautiful ending and good advice. Just spectacular.

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