The Sea


Angel’s echoed voices ring
in timbre stretched and low,
beg to call all spirits home
across the distant water’s flow.

Soft remorse in beckoning
creams the ether still to air,
draws a waltz of deafened count,
holds the note eternal there.

Softly rolls the surf forgiving
icy cold from black,
gladly bounces dusk’s last winking
as sparkled souls cross ebbing tack.

Deep the voices resonate
and dwindle closed the shrinking light,
call in sorrowful murmurs,
“all souls return, to home, take flight”.

Silence summed in evening’s break,
calm surf entreats the lonely sea
spun in threads of heaven’s mercy,
one hushed string bowed eternally.

“Quiet edge of angel’s making,
grace be called in sea’s deep strand,
bless the souls there in your keeping,
grant them peace in angels’ hands”.


Filed under Nature, Perspective, Photography, Poetry, Universal Soul

10 responses to “The Sea

  1. Laurie Kolp

    As serene as the sea… beautiful.

  2. pretty cool touch the call of all souls home….it was a rather stilling line for me….the hushed string bowed eternally as well…and nice rather prayer to end on….

  3. the sea has such a soothing influence on me… and that part with the call of the souls home… something that seems so fitting for her..

  4. Mesmerizing verses… beautifully written. I liked the rhymes.

  5. So many secrets hidden in heart’s sea.

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