Alas, I Am Told

I saw you smiling coyly there,
Lavender sprigs tossed through your hair,
Your gentle cheek a rosy blush
As from your heart a sudden rush
Pushed forth by how I caught your stare.

I prayed that you might care
To take my hand and walk a fare
Distance through sweet autumn’s crush,
Alas, I am told,

You have no love to spare,
No heart for mine you wish to share.
Left stammering, I in boyish blush
So quelled my throbbing heart in hush
Midst autumn’s leaves left standing there.
Alas, I am told.

J. Blue

D’verse Poetics – Rondeau
R-aabba aabR aabbaR


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28 responses to “Alas, I Am Told

  1. Jay,, what sadness and melancholy you get through your rondeau.. I felt the autumn moving in your words…

  2. Nice utilization of the form here; how often have we, as young men, fallen in love; been smitten, only to crash with burning emotions. thanks.

  3. hypercryptical

    Sadly beautiful Jay.
    Impressed (as I am) I took a brief look at your previous posts and as Arnie said: I’ll be back. (!)
    Anna :o]

  4. Pat Tomnay

    I love this, Jay. It’s simple and short, but it conveys a lot of emotion, excitement, dashed expectations. You are the greatest!!!


  5. This is an English rondeau – which lacks the use of the refrain in the first line. It’s wonderfully melancholy; the object of his desire is unattainable and uninterested – it’s a familiar story.

  6. with no love to spare…to have ones heart turned away like that….rather sad….def a melancholy feel…i like the slight variation as well….nicely played to form.

  7. I like the cadence as I read it out loud ~

    Lovely romantic post (though not on the ending) ~ Nice to meet you ~


  8. I like this so much, so hopeful at the beginning, this fetching young lady, charming man, misreading her, crushed, with hopes dashed in the end. What makes this effective, beyond the story line and emotions, which are great, is your use of more classic English words and phrases, reminiscent of older poets of yore.

  9. Lovely – romantic and with a touch of chill for a fall rondeau. Well done!

  10. This reads like a classic romance poem – nice!

  11. Nice form, and the feeling of thwarted love really takes hold here. Excellent work!

  12. Oh, unrequited love – so painful, so necessary it seems… it fits this form so well!

  13. Alas, another heart fallen like a leaf in “autumn’s crush”. Rondeau is a new form to me…this is admirably wrought.

  14. unrequited…nicely done.. life in Rondeau.

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