Sweet Seduction

Along the blue steel thread of rails,
peace entreats my quiet wanting
in silhouetted oak tree stands
and shadows black, night’s contrast, haunting.

Waxen moon in full delight
calms November’s rolling dells,
strokes the sultry flaxen lea
to render sweet seduction’s spell.

A feathered breeze, a trembling hush
claimed in shuddering wanton fields,
where forlorn apathetic husks
sense love’s touch and so in yield.

Sweet seduction’s mercy,
before my eyes, across this vale,
thieves my lonely heart from worry
by haunting blue reflected rails
that curve the valley floor,
surrender to the sweet wood’s blind,
to mountains rise to blush once more
and there entreat her love in kind…

Beneath the stroke of naked moon,
between November’s blankets furled,
kissed by meadow’s sweetest rills
before the granite mountains curled.

Here dream do I in longing,
atop this post in autumn’s glove,
yearn to kiss her blushing flesh
and draw her close in sacred love.


Filed under Mountains, Nature, Perspective, Poetry, True Love, Universal Soul

29 responses to “Sweet Seduction

  1. it is a sacred kinda love…i like how you hold that to the end it si a nice release after the build…really felt piece…and well played…

  2. Beautiful use of imagery that allows me to be a silent observer of the intensity of the scene.

  3. Oh Jay…what delicious imagery….what enticing verse…what yearning lies in these lovely lines. Bravo!

  4. Splendid! I love the way you caress and hold the beloved in your words. Natalie 🙂

  5. Your language is so light that it flows right off the tongue. Really good stuff.

  6. Oh the imagery in this poem! You’ve written so beautifully about November love.

  7. It is a sweet seduction, especially that first stanza.

  8. I love the calming nature of this piece. The last line of the first stanza is just wonderful. 🙂

  9. I am just captivated by this. Sweet, flowing, graceful. I love the November stanza.

  10. kissing her blushing flesh… hmmm nice… love the flow in this and the beautiful images to describe autumn’s beauty…she’s almost gone… i’m drunk by her last colors..

  11. What a beautiful romantic lovely piece, I am in a swoon!

  12. Beautiful imagery and evocation of nature in November! I enjoyed the serene tone.

  13. Speechless….you write oh so beautifully. I look forward to what comes and to coming back later and reading more.

  14. Baffled by your purity of emotions that are so distant from poetry of nowadays ~ The melding of earth’s beauties in such abundance and, your sweetheart creates holiness ~ Glorious writing ! HAPPY Thanksgiving day~ Faithfully Debbie

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