Some Other Time

“Some other time”, hung tenderly,
as evening claimed the dusky lea,
yet sweet, her gentle voice did rend
a promise, emptied to defend
a hope that years might lose the key.

Yet stolen hope drifts sparingly
to dreams where time has set her free
or grant her lonely years to tend
some other time.

She walked along the ebbing sea
whose moonlit waves, in subtle plea
softly whispered in the blend,
‘neath silent stars whose embers mend
the hearts of those who flee
some other time.

Inspired by the musical composition “Some Other Time” by Michael Hoppe / Martin Tillman


Filed under Perspective, Poetry, True Love, Universal Soul

27 responses to “Some Other Time

  1. hypercryptical

    Tis beautiful
    Anna :o]

  2. Matrone Bell

    *sighs whistfully* Beautiful 🙂

  3. i like that drifting feel….the loneliness and the hope.. you make me see her…

  4. A rondeau! Very nicely done Jay. There are lots of good images here, I like the hope that years might lose the key, and the idea that stars can mend hearts.

  5. very lyrically rendered sir…some other time…like some day…are words that rather irk me…giving hope that one day it might…but then again it probably won’t and we can def fool ourselves into thinking otherwise…

    • Yes – it’s quite a quandary. Could be, don;t want to acknowledge that it could be or wish for it, but maybe I can deny it… thank you for reading and always providing wonderful and inspirational comments.

  6. What a beautiful, lyrical rondeau – with such a classic feel too. Fab-u-lous … smiles

  7. I have sung that song so many times, so this touched me deeply. I know that woman. Hell, I’ve been her. This is lovely writing, and I’m so glad to have found you on dverse today! Amy

    • Thank you so very much. I’m very glad you enjoyed the poem, and yet distressed that the character has once found her home in you. Hope all is well. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and providing such positive comments. Please come again. Thanks!

  8. Very pretty piece. I really like the slow rhythm of it. 🙂

  9. It’s great to have found your blog and especially this delightful post.

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