Deeper Still

Across deep velvet’s field of stars,
o‘er great mountains’ snow white sweep,
stretched beyond black sparkled seas
‘neath sunlight’s patient watchful keep,
‘tis yet beyond I hold you,
in truer red than current’s blood!
‘Tis deeper still beyond this,
where hearts beat strong in true love’s flood.

Capture fast this moment stilled,
this life, this time here now.
Bear witness to what love has garnered
and marvel in the “whys” and “hows”.
For to this point in space and time
we’ve stumbled, wandered, pawed,
till now in quiet resilience stand,
hand in hand in love, in awe.

Free the grasp of time
to flee across eternal calls,
witness ghosts of you and I
in love beyond the living falls.
Feel the subtle tug of thread
that binds our souls as one,
that to this point, and from here on,
love’s fabric stitched can’t be undone.


Filed under Poetry, True Love, Universal Soul

6 responses to “Deeper Still

  1. Glo Blue

    I still marvel in the “whys” & “hows” as well my love. Thank you for this life & this love you have given me. You are my everything!
    Merry Christmas my love.
    Thank you for this gift.
    Forever your Glo

  2. another Wuthering heights! Aaahhh! Gorgeous ! Faithfully Debbie

  3. “love’s fabric stitched can’t be undone”

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