Frozen Lea

Balanced o’er the snow white glade
a crescent moon defines the shade
where shadow’s silhouetted stretch
is cast from naked woods that fetch
the sharpest contrast on the white
in shades of blue by winter’s night,
so holds a truth in frost full air
as I in nipped nosed wonder stare
from edge of frozen rill and lea.

How oddly large this moons descends
as slightest arc of gold, transcends
the bitter bite of frost and cold,
denies the naked edge that holds
every living thing in pause
with steely frozen grip, so cause
to take a body back to home,
back to hearth and fire alone,
or back to nest in loving’s keep
where calm to peace and drift to sleep,
but in this slivered warmth I find
no want to leave this scene behind
so on the bank I stay to see.

Such stillness holds the wood in quiet,
that lowly heard, in subtle riot,
the speaking stream below my feet
decries its dreams in babbling sweet,
yet muffled ‘neath the winter’s ice,
still finds the heart to whisper twice
when ask again to please explain,
she hushes out the quiet same
and leaves me dreaming of the spring
where free to jump the banks and sing
beneath the warming sun,
yet frozen here her dreams do run
and here I’ve captured mine.

This lea, this meadow, this honest seam
stretched out across this night’s sweet dream
of frozen rill and diamond dust
of snowflake’s secret love, and trust
to give to crescent moon its spark
in pledge to color bright this dark
and frozen edge of winter’s night,
where from my perch I hold in sight
the elms in shadowed contrast still
that slow the moments by their will,
so stretch the night in lover’s swoon
retreating with the golden moon
behind horizon’s line.

This moment captured, this heart instilled
and with this winter night so filled
with every moment granted true
by silver moon and snow so blue.


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56 responses to “Frozen Lea

  1. Pat Tomnay

    I really like this, Jay. There must be a photograph somewhere that matches what you are saying – a bright moon on a cold winter’s night scene.

  2. This is really beautiful. The words really work and I found myself shivering as I read it, yet enjoying the view! Happy New Year to you!

  3. i just love the rhyhtm of this…together with the images it has just something so very soothing… the moon and snow… i’m longing for snow…

    • Thanks Claudia – How about I trade some of your Holiday rain for some of this Colorado zero degree snowy weather. Would be a nice change on both sides, I’m sure! Thanks for the kind comments. I appreciate it very much.

  4. Wonderful.. I so like a true winternight.. the silence and the ice.. the moonlight.. you have captured this perfectly in this artful classic piece.. the warm bed might pull at you but the beuty of the winter night is better…..

    • Thank you Bjorn. I can’t count the number of times I seemed to about freeze to death not being able to pull myself away. Thank you for the beautiful comments. Much appreciated!

  5. beautiful man…the cadence of it…you really work well in the form. i dont need a photograph…i can see…and feel the place in your words….i might have stayed to see as well….

  6. Lovely poem and a great rhythm and cadence

  7. I’m looking for that silver moon to stand under tonight! Beautiful!

  8. This is really beautiful! It does make me shiver a little though…

    • Thanks! My toes go cold, again, whenever I re-read it. ~smiles~ Too lovely of a scene to complain about shivering tho… thank you for reading and commenting. I do appreciate it!

  9. Nothing more beautiful or more peaceful than silver moon and snow so blue. You have written a beautifully atmospheric poem here. Kudos!

  10. This is so artful. Such beautiful imagery. And the rhythm! Love it!

  11. This is my first time linking with dverse and I find myself saying Wow, quite a bit as I discover new poets. Including here.. wow.. just beautiful.. and as Bjorn said, it has that classic feel and flow to it. Really lovely!

  12. Such wonderful music/cadence to this… And lovely imagery…very fitting on this extremely cold night!

  13. For me there is nothing more beautiful than the winter night’s scene you so perfectly capture in your poem.

  14. From where I am, you can take all the snow & ice away as its frigid cold here ~ I enjoyed your verses & rhymes, it has classical cadence to it as I was reading it out aloud ~ A gem to read tonight ~

    • Thank you Grace… having someone read my poetry aloud is always an honor. I believe I write just for that purpose. Stay warm! Thanks for reading and commenting. Come visit again sometime.

  15. Lovely images and I really liked the last stanza so full of rich meaning.

  16. I like how you love and describe nature…I in nipped nosed wonder stare.

  17. beautiful and magical…the silver moon the blue snow…really a nice piece…bkm

  18. This was like a glass of fine whiskey – smooth, it really worked.

  19. I’d like to write a long thoughtfully crafted response, but in truth this is simply gorgeous and I can’t really add anything further. Thank you, I really enjoyed your words.

  20. I like the way this flows and how the rhyming words are not the ends of staccato sentences. Very enjoyable.

    • Thank you. When I write, I usually just craft a paragraph or two, and then see where the breaks take me. Have to let the punctuation own the flow. Thank for visiting and commenting. Please come visit again.

  21. A very atmospheric poem! The imagery is very effective and we can just picture the scene.

  22. filled with layers of intense beauty… a journey of winter and hopes of spring… standing applause

  23. Absolutely beautiful with a lovely ending.

  24. A very vivid poem. I really like this. Definitely felt the atmosphere. 🙂

  25. Wow. This is so beautiful. This hit me in the same place that I hold my extreme love for Montana. Very lovely.

  26. Well this certainly delivers the vision of your life..well..

    And unique…

    To me wisdom is experience..

    Sounds like a full life to me..:)

    Happy New year 2ya2!

    • Thank you. I really appreciate your kind comments. It has been and continues to be a full life. Thanks for reading and commenting. Do visit again. Happy New Year to you too!

  27. so holds a truth in frost full air < I felt the pause, the freeze, the contrast of colours within a limited pallette. All in all a nicely controlled series of pictures. Bring on the warmth of a tropical sun!

    • Thanks you Becky. I appreciate your kind comments. I’m glad you can sense the whole scene so well. I am, however, looking forward to a bit of warming, if that’s even possible in January. Take care and please visit again.

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