Summer’s Road

Summer’s whisper beckons me
within this blushing vernal spring.
It calls from asphalt’s ribbon twist,
pleads two wheels to roll and sing.

It draws my dreaming vision
through the hills and vales where few now go.
It steams the white line’s passion
to pull me through those turns I know.

It paints me slow in two lane strokes
that vanish through the countryside.
It marks the bygone highway routes
with simple arrow’s pointing tide.

It plies my heart with promises
of love left on the road.
It bathes my conscious glorious,
paying living debts I’ve owed.

It steeps elixir’s fragrant musk
in greenwood’s summer scent.
It kisses oh so sensuous
on roiling wind, on all that’s lent
to free this rider’s passion,
to set the world to peace,
to grant the road’s compassion,
to bathe in sweet release.


Filed under Perspective, Poetry, Universal Soul

2 responses to “Summer’s Road

  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever read such a homage to the open road Jay. This is wonderful. Happy biking!

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