The Reed’s Lament

Bow to time in passing tide,
as reed beneath the strong spring’s flow,
in desperate stance against the current,
fingers white not letting go.

Last summer’s ancient memory calls
of standing tall midst songs of thrush,
whistling in the breezes there
that call their tunes in quiet rush.

Autumn faded fast to winter’s
standing cold near bank and glade,
christened stiff in season’s charge,
a soldier of the browning blade.

Yet hope held fast for fervent spring
when last all dues were done,
that here amidst the daffodils
would sweetly hear the spring creek run,
that here the hard earned penance paid
would grant reward near burgeoned spring,
to rejoice “at last I’ve made it!”
while chickadees and warblers sing.

How cruel this unexpected life
that drowns him in the current now,
bound by winter’s run-off,
must to its raging currents bow.

Spring will let to mending roots
of hope now torn from place,
drawn from sun’s sweet giving life
to patch the straining tears that face
the distant threat of winter
while standing midst a summer’s seam
with only hope to focus toward
the healing of his hopes and dream.

Cruel the tide of season’s mix
upon this changing earth,
granting life and death through chance
twixt distant temporal poles of birth.


Filed under Nature, Perspective, Poetry, Universal Soul

2 responses to “The Reed’s Lament

  1. “…must to its raging currents bow” “Cruel the tide of season’s mix
    upon this changing earth,,” So many wonderful lines! That is what I love about your work..I need to read it not once, but twice or three times because there is always such wonderful reference to absorb. You’re the best :).

    • You are far too kind. Thank you so very much. I’m quite happy that you enjoy the visions that arise from this crazy life and pen.
      God bless. Always wonderful to hear from you my friend.

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