Midnight’s Terror

Softened through the echoed streams
of dream I so redeem
the instance of my calling,
and there within I scream
a silent howl ne’er set from lips,
stolen midst the ether there
in grunts and anxious sips
of what I dare to shout about,
of what I dare to stop,
then through the veil of stardust lacquer,
and back on top.

Darkened room, shadows lost
to hollow corner’s keeping,
drenched in midnight’s sweat of terror
and sandman’s wicked steeping.

Blended affirmation
of the haunt that cast me out,
quickly fading from my mind,
forgotten pricking to the shout
that seemed so dull and death like,
that crept from deep within
to hold my helpless hapless soul
enraptured, left to not defend
the missing piece of what it was,
what was it?
was it?

Don’t know, just empty dreaming now
through sleep bound eyes and yawning.
Safe within reality, yet
just enough to run from dawning’s
day ahead of midnight’s keep,
to sleep,
to sleep…
again I sleep.

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Filed under Dreams, Perspective, Poetry

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