By Candle Light

In quiet space, where light is kind,
hand in hand, may your love find
the years’ sweet color in echoed call…
that lights reflection on this starting gate,
when life was young and could not wait
to bathe in journey’s love and bliss…
though memories’ fabric yet to twill,
your hearts and souls as one life will
forge great the castings of your values, kissed
in truth and kindness, as dearest friends,
true soul mates, this love again
rolls waves of peace around you…
that those whose souls you touch with light,
will know your truth, and sense the quiet
respect that’s there between you…

As your story grows in verse,
may memories stitch sew one life’s purse
to hold and recollect the lines,
that time will honor to hands and face,
life’s souvenirs by God’s sweet grace,
and therein keep your love, less time…

By candle light at dusk’s edge stalling,
regardless of the season falling,
look deep into each other’s eyes,
feel your love and friendship kind,
reflect in echo’s calling…
know the truth of this love you hold,
be it soon, or with time grown old,
this love is yours, this moment’s bliss
is held eternal in true love’s kiss,
timeless and enduring…

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