Love’s Poetry

Time escapes the days long spent
when phrases languished eloquent
across the air and ether there,
drawn from favorite poems with care.

By your sweetest voice they moved,
the moment caught between us soothed
in sparkled eye and loving glance,
caressing longing hearts, entranced.

Through Shelley, Sidney, Thomas, Croft,
you set the poems of love aloft,
where “kind the moonbeams kissed the sea”,
and questioned, “if thou not kissed me?”

Long hours spent in narrow nooks
in search of treasures, ancient books,
to rise with voice and proudly read
each line to me as lover’s creed.

As time has moved between the gates
of then and now, as dear soul mates,
I count each quiet moment blessed
when still we read our love confessed
in classic lines of verse and prose,
through quivered voice and passion’s throes,
in every poem between us two,
in every moment’s rhyme with you,
my love for you, eternal.


Filed under Poetry, True Love

2 responses to “Love’s Poetry

  1. Wow! This is lovely, quite romantic.

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