This Greying Fade

Time defies this truth of mind.
Days fall past, cascading.
Wine once sipped lifetimes ago
resounds in spirit’s fading.

What of this aging truth?
Aging hands grasp tight the pen,
far beyond their prime, it seems,
yet in strength, defend.

Every day demands a look.
Poignant lights in present time
reach beyond eternal,
call to form the lay, the rhyme.

The grave, in sparkled grace,
enrapt by hope of time beyond,
draws an evened aging eye,
draws a gaze forever long.

The end is never seen.
Days fall past, cascading.
Echoes of the ether pull us
to the tide of dreams there waiting.

Eternal soul, eternal love,
eternal pauses held in peace,
grant this greying fade return
when passed beyond release.



Filed under Dreams, Perspective, Poetry, Universal Soul

2 responses to “This Greying Fade

  1. Geneviève Ariès

    Excellent, raw poem. Writing raw is difficult because the honesty can be vulnerable, I applaud your courage and loyalty to poetry that you would bare your soul to help others understand issues that we all deal with or will deal with. Life spares no one pain and suffering.

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