Lover’s Cove

Smooth the silken butter lies,
creamed across the bay’s sweet dawn,
dressed in silver rivulets
appointed by the gracious morn.

Hushed, the air stands light and sweet,
gathered by her love’s respect,
adorning strands of memory,
captured as the sands reflect
a lover’s night of kissing
upon the mooring rocks broad stance.
Shy, this bashful history
stills the morning’s flirting glance.

Slow, the sea recedes from shore,
each rolling touch comes back once more
to sweetly kiss this lover’s bay,
seduce the morning mists away,
till daylight claims the shadows full,
till quiet hushes drown the calm,
till from the rocks, in evening, culls
another sweet seduction’s balm.

Oh! The sea!
Brought to angel’s mercy here,
willed to stand the bay to cream
when dawn’s sweet light sets soft upon
this lonely cove’s sweet lover’s dream.

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Filed under Dreams, Nature, Perspective, Poetry

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