The Cobblestone Path

Along this cobbled path I find a peace of mind beneath an arc of wooded shade that calms the day, grants a cool and welcomed dark.
The city, all but gone here, echoes histories’ whispered tones of carriages culled in laughter midst heavy hooves upon the stones.
No rush of time betrays this scene, as slowly drifts this path, eternal.
Horizon calls a timeless point where all resolves, green and vernal.
Memories sung herein, seduce, threaded through each moment’s play, entreating peace and longing ‘tween every step along the way.
Just few I find, my passersby, acknowledge silent solace too, with gentle nods and hidden smiles upon the cobblestone and view.
I pray my heart be caught within as whispered soul enrapt in peace.
I pray this wooded shade of summer holds me fast in sweet release.


Filed under History, Perspective, Poetry, Universal Soul

4 responses to “The Cobblestone Path

  1. My Dear Jay!!!! “No rush of time betrays this scene”…I could not stop repeating it long enough to read on at first. Such a BEAUTIFUL line…..such a beautiful fairy-like setting you have given here. I hope you are well!!!????!!!!!! HUGS, H.

    • Thank you dear Heather. All is well here. The job has been keeping me from my preferred endeavors but it happens from time to time. Hope all is well with you my friend! So good to see you pop up. Take good care.

  2. Pat T

    I can really see that in my minds eye. Thanks. Pat

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