To Live Again

This silence only threatened by the straining of my heart, beating, as I wait and wonder. I feel the pressure in my veins, thickened, stained in ancient blood, trying to save me, hoping to quit, forced to move on by only what is left of my physical existence… my beating heart.

Reflecting through the pages, turning each so slowly as if I’ve never known their faces, drawing every image in. A mustiness wafts from the turning, held captive by the dog-eared corners of years long gone. I see my entire life move before me, one sacred image at a time… A whisper culls a quiet question in my mind, “What have I done?” Only to be followed by, “What remains undone?”

History hints at moments hushed, the scent of life, a lover’s blush, then draws a quiet candlelight to show the truths in such. I smile, knowing life’s been good, granted peace as much.

But what of purpose left undone, unshared wisdom, songs unsung? What of steps that fear had stayed when dreams could have been won? Gestalt it seems has made its play, regret has laid its run.

Return again! I must return! This desperation tides my soul, but what of life yet drawn to be, how might I know my role?

Perhaps I come on eagle’s wing, above the alpine valleys. Sing!
Define this life in higher call, perspectives’ sweep to see it all.
Perhaps I come as mountain bear, to dig beneath and find what’s there,
noble in a giant’s strength, yet humbly seeking truth at length.
Perhaps as wolf I come to be, one for the pack, yet one for me
with solitude a living grace, histories ink upon my face.

Oh, but no, I cannot face a life wherein I’d let you slip away.
If must becomes an operand, then for your love I’ll bait that day.
For you, my love, for you, I’d only come to live again if I could be with you.

written for dVerse poetics: Coming Back – 2-Feb-2016


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39 responses to “To Live Again

  1. This literally took my breath away!! Well penned 😀

  2. OMG Beautifully romantic.!

  3. I love this: “hints at moments hushed, the scent of life, a lover’s blush”

    And that super sweet ending line: “For you, my love, for you, I’d only come to live again if I could be with you.”

  4. This is a romantic poetic prose and my favorite is the part of coming back as eagle’s wing, or mountain bear or wolf ~ Beautiful love poem ~ Thanks for sharing Jay ~

  5. Oh this is stunning, simply stunning! Truly the one that moved me most deeply of those I have read; and I have read them all. So many different thoughts come to mind as I reflect on your poem. Yes, so much done…but so much left undone. (I gulped at this truth.) But yes thinking there is so much undone that one must come back again…but then the turn: not wanting to return unless one could return with the one loved! No deeper love than that, I don’t think. No greater love!

  6. This is so wonderful to read……the rhyming, especially in the stanza that begins “Perhaps I’ll come on eagle’s wing….” And those closing lines, so loving, so romantic. Sigh. So nice to encounter your poetry through dverse.

  7. I loved as you considered the different animals that may be appealing to return as but then realizing that coming back would only be worthwhile if your love could be with you. Very beautifully romantic and sweet.

  8. This is so beautiful. So many reason to return, so many options, but with that end you took my breath away. This is poetry as it should be when it’s best.

  9. Beautiful, I enjoyed reading.

  10. Oh what a beautiful love poem that meanders its way to returning to a true love.

  11. One of the best love poems I’ve ever read! Magnificent.

  12. Such a romantic poem…reminds me of my parents, and the deep love they had for each other. Thank you for sharing your lovely piece!

  13. Sigh, such a love is rare. This is beautiful.

  14. ShirleyB

    Amazing! Truly fantastic writing. You have a great skill. I savoured every word.

  15. What beautiful writing. I was mesmerized by the flow, the images, the rhymes. I love the ending, which I didn’t expect. I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely poem.

  16. For you, my love, for you, I’d only come to live again if I could be with you.”…If I couldn’t be with those I loved, what would be the point? Truly stunning poem

  17. “What of purpose left undone, unshared wisdom, songs unsung?” so very true. I love the eagle wings above alpine valleys.

    Thanks for joining my prompt. Sorry it took longer to pay you a visit.

  18. SMiLes.. perhaps the
    GreaTest Forever
    Loves.. sparked
    the return
    of the
    aGain.. and
    then Love would
    be the hiGhest Force..
    and perhaps it is.. Magic..:)

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