The Arch

mesa arch david richter

Between the gilded scents of morn, standing open, beckoning,
an archway calling heaven’s song, reaching for my soul.
Spun in precious mountain light, thinnest air in reckoning,
stretching white the shadows long, waiting for my toll.

I know no sparkled band of path that led me to this place and time,
I know the keeper, owner, not, yet dare, I seek to meld sublime
into the space held just beyond, heart and soul in conflict,
upon the points of life and death, one free, one earthly convict.

Above the azure honey drips, wet and washed, brush marks lain,
a hint of flame arising slow, rushing through this quiet song.
Flaxen hints in burlap’s hatch, flagging dawning, midnight’s stain,
burgeoned lust in afterglow, blushing in sweet sunbeams, long.

It calls to me, I know, yet know not where I wander,
free to pull, above, below, tear my present self asunder,
break this living’s hesitation, rend a soul from deeper hues…
It calls me, beckons, pleads me home, ‘til quietly, I float right through.

Image by David Richter – Mesa Arch –

Posted for dVerse ~ Poets Pub 10-May
Lillian prompted us to consider doors; the suspense of what lies on the other side; the transition of passage; the simplicity and beauty of the doorways of our world.
You can find many great poets at dVerse.  I wholeheartedly recommend you take a look.


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23 responses to “The Arch

  1. “It calls me, beckons, pleads me home, ‘til quietly, I float right through.” love the picture this poem graces

  2. So nice to see you here this morning while drinking my morning cup. This poem fits beautifully with the dVerse prompt of “doors.” The photo and words are both stunning! You have a way of drawing the reader right into your words — and your opening two lines did just that for me! “…rend a soul from deeper hues…” beautiful! I went back and read this aloud and enjoyed it even more.
    I’m sure others from dVerse will enjoy meandering by and reading this! Am delighted to have you join us. Perhaps you might include a reference at the end, maybe after the photographic reference, that indicates it is posted, in part, in response to dVerse and include the link? I’m sure others would enjoy coming over to the site, and perhaps be introduced to this group of folks who enjoy the power and the beauty of words.
    Hope to see you again here — and perhaps you’ll meander about a bit with us! 🙂 I intend to do just that with your site — after I get my second cup!

  3. This is very beautiful. Takes me to a high place.

  4. It calls me, beckons, pleads me home, ‘til quietly, I float right through..

    Such a passionately written piece 🙂

  5. This is just brilliant, JB, That second stanza in the context of the photo is a meditation in its own right.

  6. Read it twice. That’s a compliment.

  7. The play of the photo and the poem’s struture is in perfect balance. There are many lyric lines that say, ‘read me again – you missed something here.’

  8. Just stunning. Breathtaking, really.

  9. Love the cadence and beautiful imagery specially the whole stanza 3 ~ A joy to read tonight ~

  10. SMiLes.. in mountains..
    in valleys.. streams.. rivers
    to oceans.. sky above..
    and fertile
    legs ‘tween
    free humans
    in sands
    oF Life
    God oF Heaven’s
    Kingdom Lives Free
    when Free SinGS a
    SonG of SoUl oF
    uS.. So FReED..:)

  11. PSC

    A smooth, beautiful flow from start to finish — gorgeous! And the photo is a perfect partner piece.

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