Written for dVerse Poetics and tonight’s prompt in the Poet’s Pub – “Come Fly With Me”… a prompt to see the perspective of feathers, in whatever fashion, form, or purpose. I chose to consider those that collect feathers and the thoughts that may just be connected to each one… Enjoy!


Whispered in a prayer’s hope,
defined, each one, in purpose there,
gathered, placed and balanced gently
through aging dreams she holds with care.

A summer’s dream of love.
A midnight’s waltz beneath the moon.
A Georgia peach in sweetest harvest.
The one who passed too soon.

Coyly nodding to the jar,
the dusts of eons briefly spark,
acknowledging their place in time,
acknowledging this ark
where subtle memories echo,
hushed in pleasures poised release,
dancing dreams in freedom’s hope,
sparkling eyes in flight, in peace.


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20 responses to “Feathers

  1. Lovely rhymes in this, lovely thought at the end.

  2. I do love the meter so much, begs to be read aloud. I like the thought of each feather carrying memories – I wonder if they would write them being quills?

  3. There is so much to enjoy in this beautiful poem. A deep sense of melancholy, of loss but also of special memories. Reminds me of my 96 year old mother who used to collect her bird’s feathers in a jar.

  4. This is absolutely amazing!! ❤❤

  5. Lovely take on the prompt. The memories we hold in the things we collect, whether it be feathers or something else, do seem to gather dust along with the objects themselves. I like your photo, too.

  6. Cyress

    I really like this section:
    “A midnight’s waltz beneath the moon.
    A Georgia peach in sweetest harvest.
    The one who passed too soon.”

    Also this: “hushed in pleasures poised release”

  7. Peter Notehelfer

    A feather for your cap, Jay! Always enjoy reading your verse . . .

  8. Very late to the reading….apologies. Provincetown’s last days of living by the ocean. Back to city life and delighted to read these beautiful words. I’m reminded of a dried rose collection I used to have — each one held a memory. I enjoyed this take on the prompt very much!

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