Frabjous Day

Oh! What a day!
This day unlike the others!
Today the Jabberwocky’s slain!
It’s Frabjous day my brothers!

The White Queen rules again my loves!
For Alice spilled the beast’s black blood,
that haunts the Red Queen’s running stead,
with fears of words, “Off with her head!”

Today, and this day, one alone,
the Hatter, Mad will dance to song
and jig and step in gloried fashion,
dancing quick, the Futterwacken!

Oh! Frabjous Day! Oh! Frabjous Day!
How long we’ve truly waited,
to chase the Red Queen’s sulking steps,
with calls of all our hatred.

Hatter, Alice, White Queen too,
rejoice this day, and send to you
a happy blessing, a single chance,
to join our Futterwacken dance!


Prompted by dVerse Poetics…

Walter, our host, suggested that we write a poem of celebration. He gave so many wonderful examples, and I was really kind of caught off-guard… but for some unknown reason, my mind was filled with Lewis Caroll and Tim Burton’s extremely glorious collaboration and resulting celebration of Frabjous Day! “Where the heck did that come from?” I asked.

Frabjous Day… the day that Alice slew the Jabberwocky, thus returning the White Queen to her rightful reign of Underland, disposing the wicked Red Queen. On this day, it is claimed that the Mad Hatter danced the incredibly exciting and celebratory Futterwacken dance! What better form of celebration could there possibly be?


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30 responses to “Frabjous Day

  1. Great and glorious stuff! Celebrate fantastical creations everywhere.

  2. The Futterwacken! My favorite dance! I’ll have you know I’m the Futterwacken champ! It’s a fricken-fracken splendorious day, here in the land of Jay Blue Jay.

  3. What a great way to celebrate… I might want to dance myself

  4. 🙂 I like this dancing and singing!

  5. Glenn Buttkus

    Three hearty cheers for nonsense & Flarf verse! Carroll & Burton & Blue; what a triumvirate! Nice that several of you out here on the dVerse trail found celebratory solace within the fun confines of creativity.

  6. Confession: When I was about 4, my grandmother read Alice to me. I had a toy camera and kept playing with it after she told me to put it down. Finally, she grabbed it from me and threw it across the room. Sad ending: I’ve never read it since. But your “celebration” tells me maybe (after 6 decades plus) it’s time to pick it up. I have it on my Kindle, waiting. Childhood trauma, I suppose.

  7. Had Matter Wutterfackenlicious

  8. This is such a delightful write!! Loved this 😀

  9. Love reading your poem Jay ~ Here’s to Frabjous day!!!

  10. Futterwackentastic! That was fun. 🙂

  11. Delightful! I love the Jabberwocky 🙂

  12. I love when the mythical places through the looking glass, or Oz, or Narnia, or Neverland inspire such wonderful piece such as this Jay. Well done!

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