Ink Me!


This page defies my aching pen, smears the blotted stain I rend from out its holy genie’s lamp, cold and coughing, moist and damp… yet here between each stolen pause, I dance, I sing, I gestate cause to linger long in separation, bound to morsel’s reparation caught between elixir’s truth… sipped again, glazed in proof…. Aha!

“Page me!” yet again I yell, toward this staggered nib and well, “Page me past this floundered try that calls tomorrow’s post I cry!”

Turning toward another blank white sheet of hope, in blue lined rank, I stagger from this drunken poise to still the fire, quell the noise that drifts in hints of winter’s wind around the quill and errant pen…

“Ink me, please kind muse of love! Ink my hand, my soiled dove that draws a drunken prayer poor, draws past lust and sullen whores! Ink me!!!!”

Alas the cloud of rum and lust have rendered useless this book and stuff, that tho’ I carry where e’er I’m bound, tonight just spirit can be found, and so I turn to cork and crook, stay the pen, close the book and drink until all’s taken back, the words, the rhyme, the poem in slack… drink me!

Prompt by dVerse poets pub
Our host, Lillian, asked that we write a poem and “verbify”. Basically creating a verb out of a noun, or some other element of grammar. I managed to get a little carried away.


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18 responses to “Ink Me!

  1. How great to see you carried away. The verbed nouns, the calls is like having a muse uncorked in ink.

  2. Don’t drink and write!

    But who’s drinking who?

  3. Ah you have indeed been carried away here — smiling I am with my cup of morning steaming hot black elixir……..perhaps to get into the mood of this I should add a little rum! 🙂 I get caught up in a rhymical reading here and it pulls me along, just as the drink must have done with this chap.
    “Just spirit can be found.” I like this line — toss the nib to toss it down!
    Thanks for posting 🙂

  4. Very nice sound throughout all of this. I also liked that you did not choose to use line breaks.

    • Thanks – I like to write in this manner most of the time, then break out the lines to what seems appropriate. In this case, I think it reads more like a madman when you just blast through each paragraph and obey the punctuation. Fun to read out loud too! Adds some flare and intensity. Thanks!

  5. How wonderful! The sounds here made me so happy. Ink me! Page me! YES.

  6. sanaarizvi

    Whoaaa this is absolutely stupendous work done!!❤️

  7. Hey! WoW!! Reads like a hybrid between Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss…Very lyrical and lusty. Enjoyed it to the max! Ink me, indeed!!

  8. I’m glad you got carried away, Jay! The form fits the content so well – as if your pen ran away with you – with internal rhyme and verbification! I love your plea:
    “Ink me, please kind muse of love! Ink my hand, my soiled dove that draws a drunken prayer poor, draws past lust and sullen whores! Ink me!!!!”

  9. Amazing work. The mad poet unleashed! I felt like he was boxing with his own muse, but in the end…..he turned out a prize.

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