Fern in Spring

dew drop

Beneath the gentle dew of spring, I wait…
Resolved to yearning, lengthening my patience in this state…
Droplets hold their morning spark, all my world reflected here,
as sunbursts gain corona gold, horizon’s azimuth waxing near…

Aaahhh! This rush! Beckoned by returning day,
stands my leaflets, once reposed, called into the sun to play.

Ah! This breath of dawning glory!
Ah! This heart in season’s fold.
Teaching me another story of winter’s whisper aging old…

In stretching bliss, my passion this, one fleeting push through softened soil,
in dew drop’s sparkled smile on me, my heart bursts glad in how I’m spoiled…

Ah! Spring!

photo courtesy public domain


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30 responses to “Fern in Spring

  1. i specially love the playful leaflets basking in the glory of spring….

  2. Ahh spring indeed. Beautifully penned.

  3. Nice sound to your poem.

  4. It reads like a long, lovely sigh.

  5. Bev

    “Winter’s whisper, aging old” … love those words!

  6. What a happy fern it is. 🙂

  7. Beautiful rhythm to this! I like how it builds and becomes so joyful. A very patient fern, he was. I admire the patience of nature.

  8. Ah, spring indeed ~ I love the rush of excitement and joy~

  9. oh the voice of this fern! building up to joyful. Lovely lovely.

  10. What a joy – spring is wonderful

  11. Scott

    Anticipation…thanks for sharing Jay…

  12. Yes, Spring. But it is raining too much where I am. Seems like there are only 2 seasons here–winter and summer.

  13. I can not believe I somehow lost your link. We once toasted our fathers over your poem ‘Once upon a battlefield…’ I would like your permission to copy it for Memorial Day, a link would to your site would definitely be included to give you credit.

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