The Inexplicable Story

As recalled by Geoffrey Chaucer while traveling with the Queen

“Hold fast the lantern Beauregard, her lifted skirt sees light of day!”,
while as I told the dog to sit, I looked the other way.

For all is right in Flanders when castles turn to shades of poor,
but things just got sidewayser, when once her panties hit the floor…

She grabbily garbled gobbly-gook guffawing at her silly scene,
till seeing lace around her shoes, she blushed in peach and loudly screamed!

“My dear! My God! what happened here, how did this come to be?”,
and as her crown came tumbling down I closed my eyes so not to see.

“Oh Geoffrey! Geoff! Good gracious! My! Good Heavens and a cracker stew!
It seems I’ve lost my underpants and kicked them there to you!”

I glanced in shock upon the floor and there beside my muddy boot,
laid lace and floral lingerie, lightly smeared with blackened soot.

“Dear Queen!” my broken cracking voice exclaimed in instant shock,
how could it be at 90 plus her Majesty can walk?

Let alone the giggling presence to lose her clothes in Palace Square.
I raised the panties with a stick and held them in the air.

“Oh my!”, she squealed, “Those must be mine! How will this ever do?”,
while grabbing quick the lacey stuff, and politely stepping through…

Ruffle pressing prattling, she stoically stood and raised a grin,
“If ever I come back to your city, I pray that you’ll let me in.

Good day….”


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14 responses to “The Inexplicable Story

  1. Bev

    What a rollicking ride this was! I loved it.

  2. Totally enjoyed your superb silliness…fun!

  3. Ha ha.. I have understood that there are so many pair of queen Victoria’s bloomers so they are essentially worthless… (just a thought that I got while reading your poem)

  4. Scott Cordova

    The Queen has no underwear. Good one. Oh and Happy Birthday my friend.

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