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Easter Sunday

Soil relenting, spring’s first push,
burgeoning life surrounds this stand;
fitful witness to unfolding green,
each changing moment through my hand.

Hushed, the stance about me,
glorious roar the woods return;
blackbird, jay, and chickadee chorus,
flit in sweeps of dive and turn.

Budding green in willow’s locks
thankfully stretch to forest floor;
squirrels prattle and build such nests
of hand hewn boughs and fancy doors.

I, caught in granite repose,
dare neither a nerve nor twitch of eye;
allowed to simply be within,
enwrapped in spring from earth to sky!


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Iron Bridge


Studded stark and juxtaposed to nature’s feint surroundings –
Rusted red through overthrows of paint’s defense and season’s houndings –

Frame on frame, let math be done! Infinitum so resolved,
echoes man in progress steeped until all progress has dissolved –

Yet bridge, it may, from here to there, cross time or distance or conquest’s gap,
it echoes pure impurity! Steadfast and placed in nature’s lap,
whose lowering sun and softened rays bathe the structure whimsical,
pronounces lines Pythagoras’ ways, distorts to art the physical!

That now, in golden sun, this path resolves in mystery
across a labyrinth web of light, may unfold my very history –
Here stretched to infinitum –
Here begged by sun, do angles lie –
Each step dissolves a minimum,
which I transcend through, by and by…

‘Tis but a bridge…
… and just the sun …

Yet moments mixed in witness there pull seams where I, and both, do run…




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The One Lovely Blog Award

Well what do you know…  I’ve been nominated for The One Lovely Blog Award. How about that?

Thanks to LovelyCollegeGirl for the nomination
You really need to check out her blog and her fresh and unique perspective. Good stuff!

So, the following rules apply for this award… sounds simple, right?

Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their page
(thanks LCG!)

State 7 random facts about yourself


Nominate those you feel are deserving of the award.

Thanks again to LovelyCollegeGirl!

Seven random facts about me:

1- I’ve been writing (mostly poetry) since I was about 13. Have written many books, published a few.

2- I’ve been playing drums for over 40 years… (wow – I don’t feel that old!) and have done a little road and studio work to-boot.

3- I lived the life of a Colorado Mountain Man for a while – lived in general isolation on the north fork of the South Platte River near Foxton, Co – limited to wood heat, outhouse toilet, 6 gallons of hot water, a summer seasonal well, and a 4 party party-line. During that time my wife and I home birthed 3 children, ate lots of rainbow trout, and lived a life of Colorado Mountain discipline.

4- I have 5 kids between my wife (the love of my life) and I, with 3 grandkids and an ever extending family.

5- My family heritage is from southern Kentucky with history and representation in the Union’s 9th Infantry of Kentucky during the civil war.

6- I love a good cigar!

7- I love being on the road, on my H-D Heritage, with nothing but the Open Road in front of me.

Okay – now for nominations of those blogs I follow that I think are amazing and deserve to be recipients of The One Lovely Blog Award: Please take the time to check out the great work done by these amazing writers, photographers and living-world journalists!

Thanks to all of those who follow my blog. I appreciate your sincere comments and kind words.

Please let me know if there is anything that any of you would like to see or hear from me. I’d love nothing more than to be inspired by those of you out here, to embark on an unexpected project.

Jay Blue


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Poet’s Love

Scarce the echoes of time forget the love of poet and a poet’s love –
Thru tragedy and deep regret, the poet’s pen can rise above,
but never the life of poet.

Time comes in waves oe’r loamy sand and calls to generations caught,
drives the pen and ink from hands of some whose lives in same are fraught.
Their heartfelt lays do show it.

Burns or Brooke or Browning’s hues,
Dickinson, Carey in Shakespeare’s shoes,
these lives in anguish spent.
Even Lincoln knew the woes
of moments lost to moment’s foes
that deny the love there meant
and expressly tuned by God for them.

Sadly scribed in history’s page or lullaby counted in binding guild,
recalling moments of true love found, realized and left as unfulfilled,
so left their goblet’s depth un-stemmed.

“Roll me over, roll me over”, decried their leaving gasp,
“That I may chance to find this love, again, before this earth is passed – “
So tightly clasped onto each breast, the wilting rose of hope,
that prays for histories’ echoed waves and dreams to catch and galvanize hope
of love denied eternal.

Tho’ truth’s defined in years autumnal of poets’ passing lives,
it’s future loves be summed in one all and not denied in death bed sighs –
For a poet’s life is vernal.

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Shanghai Rain

Subtle streams of teardrop dreams burst from season’s heart,
trace the city light’s reflections across this window pane of art.

Swimming cars reflect their stars in amber winks and flashing reds,
below me play Astaire and Rogers waltzing all the drunks to bed.

Lonely glimmer of flash and shimmer as neon admires her wet reflection
caught in streets and rain-dropped orbs bent to pure perfection.

Black hole dots reflecting naught dart from cabs to dance hall doors,
send quiet waves of whispered laughs drifting to this hotel floor.

Captured mists in clouds of fists deny the grandeur of city-scape,
leaves me to dream between the steel and flying in its cape.

Dampened moon denies a swoon or howling through such broken light,
and I, my foot steps toward my bed, lest I miss this perfect night.

hours pass…
sleep calls…
good night.

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