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Florida in the sun


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I brought this on myself I know…

I begged the shadow from its depths, I held my ground to stand there, yet you crushed the heart I brought to show – you dragged me through your hatred, slow to speak, no talk, just blame, then compromise!? complicity!? Your ire carried simplicity as it fueled and fanned your angry flame, ashing out the torrid same – and again “I broke your heart”, you said. Yet how could I? For you I bled, yet you my love refused in kind! I’m blind!

I don’t know, but I brought this on myself…

So slow, this time away I walked, the city blackened itself to grey across its stoic cold. I hid my pain behind my hair, I cried for rain, a chance to bear the heavy weight upon my chest. My heart in pounding life, seemed death!

… then I heard the thunder, my anguish torn asunder, as loving rain my teardrops fed.

Upon the curb, collapsed in heap, my sobbing breath in gasps did weep, and there I stayed what seemed eternal. My ache and shutter denied this vernal granting gift of rain – yet slowly quelled my pain…

For as all life does push us on, I sat till every teardrop gone, oblivious to the world around, but close to soul and close to ground, I came to know I’d be all right. For this wasn’t love… and to the pending night
I turned.

I brought this on myself, I’ve learned.

photography by Leanne Cole
finding solace in the guttr - Leanne Cole


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The Palisades – Napa Valley, California

On the eastern side of Napa Valley, is an odd area of volcanic rock. The hike through Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is quite beautiful, and a bit challenging, but well worth the effort. Many interesting sights along the way, including an area of magical rock mazes and intrigue.















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Castello di Amorosa – Napa Valley, California

The incredible castle of Castello di Amorosa Winery and Vineyard in Napa Valley – all of the materials were hand hewn and assembled. Quite a castle indeed!!



















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Napa Valley

Napa Valley – May 2013 – beautiful days







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Meditation Gardens

Quiet setting juxtaposed to Shanghai’s metro scene,
but for one peaceful afternoon,
this treasure bends my heart serene.

Ancient texts in classrooms held in museum’s pressured pallor,
statuettes in work or war
echo truths in lesson’s valor.

Reflecting pond near silent stoops, echo strength to pause,
so stir the golden mirrored fin
rippling purpose in waves of cause.

Peace be mine, to escape, to learn,
granted calm in what I yearn.
So mends the fabric of this day,
so fills my heart in every way.

Yet as I overflow in hope, ancient lessons gather ‘round,
call to duty living merit
and life walked o’er this sacred ground,

that carry I in moments hence, values true at decision’s point,
to grant peace and understanding
at every moment’s joint.

Day ends, and through the gate I go, returned to city’s din,
yet carry with me all I’ve learned,
to share in passing, every grin.

In reflection of Meditation Gardens in Shanghai, China – Oct 2006










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Iron Bridge


Studded stark and juxtaposed to nature’s feint surroundings –
Rusted red through overthrows of paint’s defense and season’s houndings –

Frame on frame, let math be done! Infinitum so resolved,
echoes man in progress steeped until all progress has dissolved –

Yet bridge, it may, from here to there, cross time or distance or conquest’s gap,
it echoes pure impurity! Steadfast and placed in nature’s lap,
whose lowering sun and softened rays bathe the structure whimsical,
pronounces lines Pythagoras’ ways, distorts to art the physical!

That now, in golden sun, this path resolves in mystery
across a labyrinth web of light, may unfold my very history –
Here stretched to infinitum –
Here begged by sun, do angles lie –
Each step dissolves a minimum,
which I transcend through, by and by…

‘Tis but a bridge…
… and just the sun …

Yet moments mixed in witness there pull seams where I, and both, do run…




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The One Lovely Blog Award

Well what do you know…  I’ve been nominated for The One Lovely Blog Award. How about that?

Thanks to LovelyCollegeGirl for the nomination
You really need to check out her blog and her fresh and unique perspective. Good stuff!

So, the following rules apply for this award… sounds simple, right?

Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their page
(thanks LCG!)

State 7 random facts about yourself


Nominate those you feel are deserving of the award.

Thanks again to LovelyCollegeGirl!

Seven random facts about me:

1- I’ve been writing (mostly poetry) since I was about 13. Have written many books, published a few.

2- I’ve been playing drums for over 40 years… (wow – I don’t feel that old!) and have done a little road and studio work to-boot.

3- I lived the life of a Colorado Mountain Man for a while – lived in general isolation on the north fork of the South Platte River near Foxton, Co – limited to wood heat, outhouse toilet, 6 gallons of hot water, a summer seasonal well, and a 4 party party-line. During that time my wife and I home birthed 3 children, ate lots of rainbow trout, and lived a life of Colorado Mountain discipline.

4- I have 5 kids between my wife (the love of my life) and I, with 3 grandkids and an ever extending family.

5- My family heritage is from southern Kentucky with history and representation in the Union’s 9th Infantry of Kentucky during the civil war.

6- I love a good cigar!

7- I love being on the road, on my H-D Heritage, with nothing but the Open Road in front of me.

Okay – now for nominations of those blogs I follow that I think are amazing and deserve to be recipients of The One Lovely Blog Award: Please take the time to check out the great work done by these amazing writers, photographers and living-world journalists!

Thanks to all of those who follow my blog. I appreciate your sincere comments and kind words.

Please let me know if there is anything that any of you would like to see or hear from me. I’d love nothing more than to be inspired by those of you out here, to embark on an unexpected project.

Jay Blue


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Silent sun in winter’s cold draws hard the crystal white,
refines the edge of focus there, defines a sharper edge to light.

Every step and trace recorded through imprint left in powdered art
so calls the silence in subtle crunch, yet echoes short within the heart
of such a winter’s day.

Every frozen crystal, as if by God so gently placed.
Every dew drop manifest to kindly cling and paint the face
of all I see around me.

Yet every moment held in peace against the winter azure sky,
every temporal piece of life, about its day with a “why” –

So crisp this definition, in what I hold within this season’s frozen fold.

My deep appreciation so bathes my soul in nature’s heart,
leaves me lacking nothing, but knowing this, I am a part
and here I do belong.









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Heart’s Red Leaves

Red along the pond’s edge path,
reflections stolen, frozen fast
in glass, in trance against this sky –

Contrast white on blue –

Polished chrome, no stone
disturbs the water –

Heart’s blood leaves
in quaking, heave
a whispered drift to set a subtle wrinkle,
throws the blue on white to stand,
calls me, takes my hand
as golden drops in feathered flight

All sight is here and for, around me.

Echo still the silent rill
by will of hills
so scaped to cut the knee high grass –
tumble silent to pond below
slow, and show the truth of what I know.

This moment’s gate surrounds me.

I unleashed in metaphor
imbibe in tide of temporal flux,
the crux of just what is,
or gone.

Alone or one, unknown.

Yet summed in seconds dreamed,
redeemed in holy solitude.
The sky, the wood,
where heart’s leaves stood
to dance and so entrance me.

Dream be mine, of life or death,
and yet I can’t recall
how tall I stand or stall
on feet to greet unworldly wonder –

Soft thunder welcomes aging ties,
belies the moments temporal –
leaves a hold,
draws warmth from cold.

Heart and blood so vernal,
autumnal, eternal –

In quiet grace, I face this whole,
my soul embraced, my heart’s blood full.

Herein peace be mine –
of what I am,
what I’ve been through,
eternal blocks of time –

all of me, this rhyme.

Chucks Tree3DSCF1077DSC_5738YardFlowersJune050026red_white_tulip

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