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The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank You Very Much!












Wow!  I’m very honored and exceedingly grateful to Swiss-Ami-MomThe Starting End – http://hbb5212.wordpress.com  for considering my blog to be something worthy of such a gracious and kind honor.

You know, I can’t help but write what I write and how I write.  I actually watch it happen sometimes, like being possessed… which makes me seem more observer than creator.  But that’s just it, I guess.

And here today, to be so kindly honored simply blows me away.

Thanks to so many of you who have taken the time to read, to share, to comment, and to inspire.  It is as a direct result of this blogging community and experience that I continue to focus on the art.  Thanks for all that all of you are!

So – as part of my acceptance of this gracious award, I need to give seven facts about myself…

1-    I can’t stop singing and trashing / re-writing the words in every line.  My poor wife endures me somehow.

2-    I call Colorado home, even when the temps refuse to get above freezing.  I love this place!

3-    I have 5 children and 3 grandkids – they are my excuse to buy robots, coloring books and Nerf weapons!

4-    I’ve had a long term love affair with a crazy Cuban wench!  Fortunately, I married her ten years ago!  She is my muse.

5-    I’ve known many four-legged friends and many I have held close to my heart.  Bear is with me now, and is considered by my wife to be our “love child”.  We picked each other, literally.  It is because of Bear’s predecessor, Homer (who was probably my best friend ever), that I fight for the rights of Wolves across the continent.  I donate quite a bit of dollars and time.

6-    I survive corporate America daily, somehow, and have made a living in engineering for the past 30 years.

7-    My heart, my soul and the core of my being is deeply bound to these Rocky Mountains.

In an effort to advance this award and recognition, I would like to nominate so many fine writers that are among us in the blog-o-sphere…

Unable to properly address you all, I would like to nominate the following writers and their blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award – the crème de la crème.

Please do take the time to visit each and every one of these gifted writers.


Morgan at Book-n-Volumehttp://booknvolume.wordpress.com

Morgan has a classical style of poetry that is always a rewarding read. Her recent sonnets are some of my favorites. As well, Morgan has been a co-conspirator / collaborator and I am quite grateful to have the pleasure of knowing her.

Matrone Bell at Ravings Unhingedhttp://matronbell.wordpress.com

This crazy lady is one of my favorites. She writes beautifully and ranges from well-conceived poetry to short stories / essays, and just excellent expression using the blog-sphere to its fullest.  When you visit, be sure to check out the crazy animation she keeps company with.

Genie at Palenstine Rosehttp://palestinerose.wordpress.com  and A Place Called Lovehttp://aplacecalledlove.wordpress.com

Genie is a true gem.  Her poems hit true to soul and point perfectly at our collective spirit.  Her sentiments are always very vivid and thought provoking.  Another true artist.

 Nicholas Gagnier at The Retcon Poet – http://retconpoet.com

Nicholas is a true modern poet.  One of the best I have come across.  His writing is sometimes urgent, sometimes reflective, and sometimes on the edge of tragic, but the clear and concise images he paints are captivating and certainly intriguing.


For my nominees…   if you choose to accept this award, and I hope that you do, please abide by the following:

Display the Award Certificate on your blog.

Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate as many other bloggers as makes good sense.

Inform your nominees of their nomination via comment on their blog.

Post 7 interesting things about yourself.


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