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Christmas Snow

Today, in winter’s first day glory,
I’ve walked ‘neath frozen giants, gold,
held to sun in morning’s story
with midnight’s snow and breezes cold.

By brook in babbling, thawing chorus,
amidst the chirp of Christmas birds,
we pause in awe at sights before us
and listen still for nature’s words.

Through golden grass, o’er muddy field,
a thin and broken Christmas snow
shines bright with morning sun and warming,
dazzling heaven in sparkled show.

My dog and I rest in deepest
woods, at frozen creek bed’s bend,
sit and listen throughout the morning,
that to our spirits this heaven lend
the peace of understanding,
the truth in balance witnessed here.
For us, this soul felt Christmas gift
recalls the blessings brought this year.

Merry Christmas…

J. Blue and Homer (the dog)

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Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men

Crystal white in starlight’s gaze that peaks between the falling snow,
whispers sweet a Christmas song, upon a rhythm deep and slow…
It gathers in the spirit, resounds within the soul,
builds to bring a chorus strong of peace in phrases sweet and whole…
of peace on earth, good will toward men.

It forms upon the children’s faces, rosy nosed and smiling bright.
It comes with every passerby that quietly shies delight.
It falls from heaven in silence. It gathers round a fire and friends.
It sings a hushing hallelujah and to us all it sends…
Peace on earth, good will toward men.

But can it be that peace is gone when hope seems far and hatred strong?
Can it be that God is dead when peace of men has gathered dread?

But oh! The bells of Christmas ring, Oh! The chorus still does sing!
Within the hearts of every man when to this blessed season stand
and count the truth that God does live! Count the blessings that we give,
when to the children we take hands, when to our hatred turn to stand
and hear that whispered song start low, feel the choir around us grow!
When to our better angels lend and through our gentle spirits mend…
this peace on earth, good will toward men.

(inspired by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – Christmas Bells)


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