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Above the Alpine Rill

High amid the summer fir,
engaged to overlook the rill
of winding valley’s rising mist,
one moment captured, standing still.

From the shadowed night behind,
swept a feathered rush of wings
just beyond the tall pine’s reach,
aloft this breath of morning, king!

Stoic eagle, timeless brother,
perched on valley’s rising din,
purveyor of this latitude,
great servant to the truth within.

There, by grace of silence
midst summer’s green of sweetened pine,
beheld the hushing heart of nature
in whispered words spoke true and kind…

“Here my sweet beloved
have you come to rest your soul,
where through this moment’s treasure
find the truth that bathes you whole.
Yet for you, in thankfulness,
return the kindness that you share,
in hidden whispered thoughts of God,
aloft this summer’s morning air.”

Not a single breath, took I,
entranced through every stretching beat,
as grace and time converged to still
this captured silence sweet.

… till I …

… till I …

… till I …

Embraced in mountain’s love and home,
adrift in summer’s thermal thrill,
returned His gentle whispered thoughts
suspended ‘bove the alpine rill.

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Eagle’s Distance

Distance twixt the moon and eye
of eagle, where such coursers fly,
the expanse of sparrow’s small foothold
to eagle’s nest, where values told
in stories of a childhood making,
fat with love, elixir’s baking
deep the sense of truths unknown,
but held within, till later shown
that sparrow’s life is all perception…

Of what the eagle calls and soars,
young sparrow strives and so adores
the fabric of the stories’ tale.
But since in flight, small sparrow sails
at levels suited for his wings,
yet in his heart desire sings
to soar beyond the clouds above,
along with eagle, along with love,
but the distance fixed by wing’s inception…

But sparrow’s come in every size,
hearts tall, and some otherwise,
find singing at a sparrow’s height
the perfect mix of sun and flight.
Some relay in anger born
where from the distance eagle’s torn
a nest upon a craggy peak,
lash out in disdained sparrow speak,
till what the sky yields in return
belays the sparrow, so in turn
denies the truth of sparrow’s wings,
turns angry, calls from where he sings,
hides the joy of sparrow’d flight,
and holds him to a lesser plight,
denied the heart of his conception…

So in honor eagle soars
above the quiet forest floor,
seeks solitude in reclusive height,
in hopes to treat sweet sparrow right
through distant love, no stories told,
alone on winds near mountains hold,
echoes cries in sad remorse
for tales that skewed a sparrow’s course,
so seeks a distant living,
that his is best when love he’s giving
is called from distant heavens

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