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Welcome Home

“Welcome home”, they sing to me
through summer breeze and sun’s delight.
Hushed, “We missed you” through the trees,
and solemn quiet to serve it right.

Thunder heads so growing,
stir white contrast blue
near alpine giants standing true,
set the scape unimaginable…

This is my heart, this is my home,
regardless of the lengths I roam,
and here my soul returns to rest,
refuel with love of nature, blessed.

Wild roses adorn the lea
where water creeps ‘neath aspen tree,
rocky slopes so conjure streams
so adding to the meadow’s dream
to quench the thirst of valleys floor,
green the pasture and aid the store
of blossoms purple, yellow, white,
and bring columbine to grace this sight.

Selfless motions through this day,
I witness all, this life in play.
I count this alpine garden home,
and always here my soul will roam…

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