Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door

At fleeting moment’s grasp,
the heavens beckoned, opened hasp
and brought me clear unto this day –

Rose and amber shadowed,
pulling on my heart beat’s hollowed
echo through the blue and grey –

And there I stood in awe –
Caught twixt heaven and earth I saw
the very face of God!
As whispered soft, his thoughts struck true
this flawed and tiny man, I knew
I’d stumbled into Heaven!

As quickly as I realized thought
and questions formed with answers sought
a grin and sparkled eye beheld me –
Set my mind back to my place,
relieved the worry on my face
and laughed, “this could be Heaven that you see…”

With fleeting moment’s heart beat gone,
I found myself upon the lawn
beneath a summer’s thunderstorm –
Where twixt the booms and flashing light,
rose doorway’d clouds held fast my sight,
and the rain began to pour…

“There stumbled I on Heaven’s door?”

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  1. IJ

    Very nicely done…..

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